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When Will Web3 Gaming Become Mainstream? | Immutable Community Townhall #4

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In case you missed our previous Community Townhall, Immutable co-founder and President, Robbie Ferguson shared some exciting updates on the state web3 gaming and Immutable’s unstoppable momentum.

This article will recap the following topics:

  1. When will web3 games go mainstream?
  2. Exciting updates from Immutable
  3. Wins from Immutable and Polygon’s partnership
  4. Community Hero Spotlight

When Will Web3 Games Become Mainstream?

One of the questions we always get asked is: “When will web3 gaming go mainstream? When can we expect to see games with tens, or hundreds of millions of players?”

Gaming follows a power law, where the top-ranking game generates more revenue than all others combined. The second-ranking game surpasses the rest, and so on. In web3, we anticipate that only a small percentage, around 10% to 20%, of games will achieve mainstream success, attracting millions of players and standing the test of time. Our aim is to onboard as many games as possible, offering them the best chance to thrive.

While the majority of games may not reach the mainstream status we dream of, we believe that by having as many shots on goal as possible, we know that it will only take a few breakout hits to completely revolutionize the entire industry. CS:GO exemplifies this, with its secondary market trading and the emergence of power laws within gaming economies.

Based on our analysis, we expect that 40% of the $200 billion gaming industry will shift to web3 in the next two and a half years, resulting in the launch of hundreds of games. Even if only 5% of these games become hits, one single game with 10 or 100 million players could triple the user base of web3 overnight. This will be the breakout moment that will lead to widespread adoption of digital ownership, even for those unaware of the underlying technology.

Immutable News: Fenix Games Partnership and Gods Unchained on Epic Games Store

Firstly, Immutable has joined forces with Fenix Games. For those unfamiliar, this is the team behind legendary hits like Need for Speed and Plants vs Zombies. 

As we enter the next phase of web3 gaming, we believe that collaborating and onboarding established web2 developers onto web3 will be one of the key factors that will drive the industry's growth. This is why Immutable’s goal is to create a platform that simplifies game development, enabling developers to build high-quality, repeatable games without requiring smart contract or token expertise. Fenix Games is also launching a $150 million fund to support and incubate upcoming projects in web3 gaming.

Secondly, Gods Unchained is now available on the Epic Games Store! This is a monumental step towards mainstream platforms adopting web3 gaming, but it is just the beginning. We expect more Immutable games joining the Epic Store in the future. We are already trending and featured on the front page, and we’re seeing a ton of support from excited players. This launch represents an alternative to existing store aggregation policies, such as those implemented by Steam or Valve, by offering creator empowerment and lower fees. Epic Games is taking a great counter approach to this by providing an opportunity to build a fairer system, and we are incredibly excited for what lies ahead!

Updates on Polygon Partnership: Unstoppable Momentum

The momentum we have gained since the announcement of our partnership with Polygon has been phenomenal. In fact, the first quarter of this year alone saw more game onboarding than in the entire previous history of Immutable combined. And the good news doesn't stop there – we have just had our best onboarding month ever in terms of the value of games being brought onto the platform!

One of the key factors contributing to this success is the simplified choice we offer to developers. It became clear that Immutable and Polygon were the top choices for funding web3 games by far. Developers were previously torn between the two, but now they have a much simpler decision to make. Our partnership with Polygon, which offers superior scaling capabilities, is paving the way for the long-term future of scaling for the web3 gaming industry.

Internally, this month represents a new record for us, and we couldn't be more thrilled. As we move forward, our aim is to onboard even more high-quality, high-budget games over the next year. However, it is worth noting that we prioritize quality over quantity. We focus on onboarding games that have the potential to go mainstream and make a significant impact. While other teams may boast about the number of games onboarded, we remain committed to our classification system, ensuring that every game we bring on board has a real shot at becoming a mainstream hit.

Immutable Community Spotlight

Building the best community in web3 gaming is integral to Immutable’s mission. It goes beyond onboarding games and ensuring player ownership; it requires redefining how players perceive ownership and creating a demand for it. 

Recently, we kicked off the Immutable Community Hero program, which brought together some exceptional and dedicated individuals from our community. We would like to extend our appreciation to Rubickdev and ds0uz, the creators of the GamersGalaxie podcast who are doing an exceptional job creating high-quality content on Immutable and web3 gaming. The latest episode delved into the developer experience, shedding light on why our investment in Stripe-like APIs and SDKs sets us apart. Their insights have been truly awesome.

In the coming months, we are looking forward to expanding our community and welcoming more individuals who are passionate about our mission. If you are interested in becoming one of our community heroes, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team on Discord.

We always value your feedback and are committed to listening to your suggestions. Sharing your experiences and spreading the word about our mission is immensely valuable to us, and we are proud to have a passionate community who advocate for us and appreciate the transparency we provide. By actively engaging with us through platforms like Discord and Twitter, you directly contribute to helping us pave the way for the future of gaming!

Check out the full Townhall on the official Immutable Youtube Channel here.

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