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A Game-Changing Partnership: Immutable and Polygon

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Picture a world where millions of players can truly own their digital assets. One where web3 games are as seamless, fast, and fun as the games you already know and love. 

Today, we’re taking the next step toward that reality. 

As the demand for true digital asset ownership and web3 gaming continues to expand, the need for scalable, efficient infrastructure has never been more critical. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our industry-defining strategic alliance with Polygon. Together we are paving the future for web3 gaming, making it easier than ever for developers to bring their ideas to life.

At the heart of our alliance lies Immutable zkEVM, a new EVM-compatible zk-rollup powered by Polygon technology and with full Immutable platform support. Designed to make developing web3-enabled games faster, easier and less risky, Immutable zkEVM will allow both large game studios and independent developers to build high-quality games that support true asset ownership. Set to fully launch in the coming months, Immutable zkEVM introduces a second scaling solution for games building on Immutable, alongside Immutable X, powered by Starkware. Today, game developers can get their hands on documentation and begin early integration with Immutable zkEVM.

We know you have questions, so let us explain. 

What is zkEVM? 

Often dubbed as the holy grail of Ethereum Scaling, zkEVM is an EVM-compatible virtual machine that uses zero-knowledge proofs (aka zk-proofs or zk-rollups) to verify and execute smart contracts. This technology dramatically improves transaction speeds and reduces costly gas fees, all while leveraging the battle-tested security of the Ethereum blockchain. 

Why Polygon? 

Home to some of the biggest web3 projects like Aave, Uniswap, and OpenSea, Polygon's scaling solutions have seen widespread adoption, boasting over 220.8 million unique addresses, 1.18 million smart contracts created, and 2.48 billion total transactions processed. In 2022 alone, games built on Immutable and Polygon have received close to US$2 billion of cumulative investor funding. 


By combining Polygon's ground-breaking zero-knowledge technology with Immutable's deep gaming knowledge and product suite, we will take web3 mainstream and bring digital ownership to millions of people around the world.

What Does This Mean for Immutable?

We have a lot of exciting updates to share with our community. 


A partnership between two Web3 gaming leaders means players can look forward to a wave of AAA Web3 games that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Be the first to get the latest news & start exploring the future of gaming over at 


Immutable is the first gaming platform to deliver a zero-knowledge (zk) scaling solution to the Ethereum community and provide developers with multiple zk-based scaling options, including Immutable X, a rollup based on StarkWare technology, and now the new Immutable zkEVM, powered by Polygon. 

Immutable zkEVM is the first EVM-compatible solution for games with enforceable royalty fees, allowing game developers to protect and grow their revenue while empowering their communities with asset ownership all on one of the largest web3 gaming ecosystems.

With Immutable zkEVM, developers can easily migrate their games and smart contracts from Ethereum, Polygon, and any other EVM-compatible solution into our product suite, without any modifications. This unlocks everything developers need to take their game from concept to reality, complete with custom smart contracts, rich economies, and on-chain functionality. 

Using Immutable zkEVM’s APIs and SDKs eliminates the need for developers to work from scratch or rely on individual vendors. Especially when paired with Immutable's existing code libraries, advisory services, and extensive partner network. Add in our library of open-source Ethereum smart contracts to easily integrate new tools and capabilities into games while reducing the risk of committing to one ecosystem or solution. 

Finally, you can spend less time on the nitty-gritty development and more time crafting unforgettable gaming experiences. And thanks to the power of Immutable’s global orderbook book, you can rest easy knowing your assets will be distributed on marketplaces far and wide, with built-in enforceable royalties.

Upgrades to $IMX Utility

$IMX is tightly integrated into the Immutable ecosystem.

As always, utility is key, and there are big plans ahead with the introduction of Immutable zkEVM. It starts with gas fees. Upon launch, $IMX will be used as gas for Immutable zkEVM, becoming the native network token and representing the equivalent utility of most current L1 blockchains. 

Additionally, 20% of the fees on the Immutable platform, regardless of rollup, must be paid in $IMX. This fee utility will scale significantly as it expands to all new Immutable zkEVM environments and applications which will ultimately create more rewards for $IMX holders.

Further upgrades will be announced over the coming months, in partnership with the Digital Worlds Foundation, so keep an eye on the countdown here.

What’s Next?

This announcement marks a major milestone in the history of web3 gaming. But the real work starts now. We look forward to building the future with you.  

To learn more about Immutable and Immutable zkEVM, head over to the website. You can also join our growing communities on:

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