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Fenix Games and Immutable: Disrupting Web3 Game Publishing

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For Web3 gaming to reach its full potential, traditional game publishers must embrace change with open arms. Publishers who recognize the opportunity, and act upon it, will have a chance to disrupt the industry for decades to come.

Fenix Games is a perfect example. 

Founded in 2022, Fenix Games is a Web3 game publisher with the goal of acquiring, investing in, and publishing high-quality gaming titles across various genres and platforms. At the heart of their operations is the innovative concept they call Game Market Economies (GME) — a game publishing function that merges product management with asset management. Playing a pivotal role in the marketing of blockchain games, GME focuses on scaling the community ahead of game launches, allowing the games to attract and engage a wider player base.

Cutting their teeth at renowned gaming companies such as EA Sports, Mythical Games, Activision Blizzard, Glu Mobile, Kabam and institutions like CitiGroup, and Credit Suisse, the team behind Fenix Games showcases a unique blend of experience in gaming, Web3 technology, and finance. 

Led by gaming and Wall Street industry veterans, co-founders Chris Ko (CEO), Matt Nutt (COO), Rudy Koch (CBO), and Antonio Hallak (CTO), aim to leverage their expertise to transform the development and marketing of Web3 games.

And their progress suggests a promising path ahead. Fenix Games has successfully secured impressive funding of over $150 million from major investors like Phoenix Group and Cypher Capital to continue to acquire both Web 2.0 and Web3 games. 

As part of Fenix’s Web3 expansion, Fenix Games and Immutable are entering into a strategic partnership to bring best-in-class Web3 publishing services into the Immutable Ecosystem. 

Together, we will partner to identify, fund, market, and co-develop the leading portfolio of Web3 game titles to service the mass market. More importantly, we will use blockchain technology to help players build never-before-attainable relationships with their games.

Using Immutable, our innovative ZK-rollup scaling solution, players across Fenix’s entire portfolio of Web3 games will benefit from lightning-fast, gas-free trading of digital assets at speeds of 9,000 transactions per second. And as the Fenix Games ecosystem continues to evolve, all of its assets will be featured across all Immutable-integrated marketplaces, including Rarible, Token Trove, and GameStop marketplace.

”Immutable has been the benchmark for providing scalable, end-to-end Web3 solutions for mass market games. With our collective efforts, we aim to accelerate growth in the Web3 games sector, and provide a clear path for top-tier game developers looking to enter the space,” says Rudy Koch, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer of Fenix Games. “We couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with such a brilliant team of innovators, and we look forward to a deep, long-term collaboration.” 

For more information on how Fenix Games and Immutable are building the biggest home for next-generation Web3 games, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.


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