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The Expanding Immutable Gaming Ecosystem

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As the gaming industry keeps pushing the boundaries of innovation, web3 technology is fundamentally redefining the way we play and create games.

Web3 gaming empowers players with true ownership and control of their digital items enabling asset trading, value capture from time spent in games, and the ability to use these items across multiple titles and platforms. 

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These groundbreaking features have made web3 gaming one of the fastest growing tech industries, and have attracted a staggering $15 billion investment over the last two years alone. 

Immutable Leads the Web3 Gaming Revolution

At Immutable we’re driven by our vision of building the most vibrant and secure ecosystem for web3 game developers. We’re already seeing this vision becoming a reality, as games built on Immutable received nearly $1 billion in investor funding in 2022, more than any other web3 gaming platform. 

Our game-changing partnerships with industry titans like GameStop, Warner Games, iLogos, Mineloader and Secret6 further cement our position as the go-to platform for web3 gaming. 

Immutable’s Lineup of Top-Tier Web3 Games

We're building a playground for gamers and developers to explore, create, and thrive, and our diverse range of existing games and highly-anticipated releases span across multiple genres and styles. 

Leading titles such as Illuvium and Gods Unchained call Immutable their home, and to great success:

  • The Illuvium land sale was one of the most successful NFT sales in history, with $72 million in land sold in 72 hours
  • The number of games played and total hours of gameplay for Gods Unchained has almost tripled over the past year, while the latest set release 'Band of the Wolf  garnered immense popularity among players

We’re also proud to have IMVU with 7 million monthly active users, as well as Cross The Ages (recently the number 1 game in the App store), Undead Blocks, Kiraverse (beta), Aglet, Immortal Game and many more building on Immutable.

A screenshot of the full game roster on the Immutable Play page.

Players eagerly await upcoming releases on Immutable, with Guild of Guardians amassing over 1 million pre-registrations. Other highly anticipated releases include Shardbound, Ember SwordMetalcore, and Infinite Victory.

With over 150 game projects in development and more than 25 ready-to-play games available today, Immutable’s rapidly expanding portfolio showcases our vision for the future of gaming. 

Experience the Immutable Advantage in Web3 Gaming

Immutable is a gaming platform built by gamers for gamers. We deeply understand the industry's challenges, and we go above and beyond to ensure the success of games built on our end-to-end technology by offering specialized services tailored to each project's needs. 

Game developers trust us to help them deliver, and our excellent NPS score of 75+ in a recent survey showcases our reputation for exceptional support for builders at every step in their journey.  

Our robust ecosystem expands to more than 14 marketplaces, including Gamestop, Rarible and TokenTrove, effectively doubling the liquidity games and marketplaces can tap into through the power of Immutable’s orderbook technology.

Immutable’s industry-defining strategic alliance with Polygon makes it easier than ever for game developers to bring their ideas to life. The Immutable zkEVM powered by Polygon technology simplifies web3 game development by providing full platform support, enabling both large studios and independent developers to create high-quality games with true asset ownership at the core.

Finally, we’re tackling frictions to web3 gaming adoption head-on with Immutable Passport, a powerful single sign-on (SSO) solution that streamlines user onboarding through passwordless sign-in and automated wallet creation. We just launched the Immutable Passport beta, try it out here.

This is how we onboard the next billion gamers to web3

The Time Is Now

With the momentum of web3 gaming accelerating, there's never been a better time to join the growing Immutable ecosystem. Get ready to connect, play, and build within the world's largest web3 gaming platform. 

The future of gaming is here, and it's powered by Immutable. Are you in?

Visit our Play page and get to know the Immutable games ecosystem

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