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The Future of Web3 Gaming: Onboarding A Billion Gamers

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In a recent interview on the Paul Barron Network, Robbie Ferguson (Immutable President and co-founder), joined host Paul Barron, and Kyle Willson, to discuss how Immutable is setting the stage for the mass adoption of web3 gaming sooner than anticipated, and revolutionizing the gaming industry as we know it for the next billion mainstream players.

Web3 games require scaling and funding to go mainstream

The mass adoption of web3 gaming is a question of scalability and funding. So far, no-one has been able to do it quite like Immutable. 

Immutable is solving the limitations of the Ethereum blockchain by bringing the speed and security needed to scale web3 games for mass adoption for the billions of players and game developers around the world. This means that players on the Immutable platform will be able to trade their digital assets without worrying about exorbitant fees and slow transaction times. With our powerful technology  like Immutable zkEVM and Immutable X, we’re poised to solve the scalability challenge.

But what about funding?

The gaming industry has experienced a paradigm shift over the past few years with the rise of web3 gaming. In the last two years, more than $15 billion has been poured into web3 gaming related projects, more than almost any other tech category. Compared to other blockchains and ecosystems, games building on Immutable have received the most funding (close to $1 billion), which is a strong signal for Immutable’s leadership towards the mass adoption of Web3 gaming.

Immutable is building the most powerful products for mainstream players

The next billion players on web3 will need a seamless and familiar user experience. That’s why we’re building the most powerful products for gamers like Immutable Passport, a passwordless solution that simplifies the onboarding process for web3 gaming. We're building a future where players can experience the immense value of digital ownership without realizing they're playing a 'web3 game'.

With Passport, players can maintain control of their assets while signing up with their email and without a password. By incorporating Passport into games like Shardbound, Immutable is making it easier than ever for players to engage with web3 gaming without making compromises on security or ownership, and ultimately lowering the barrier to entry for new users.

This is one of the most crucial challenges to solve before we can onboard the next billion mainstream players, and Immutable’s world-class product suite and technology stack is tackling this head-on.

Immutable zkEVM will become the industry standard for game studios and developers

To achieve mass adoption, Immutable understands the importance of making the development of web3-enabled games faster, easier and less risky. This applies to both large game studios and independent developers. 

As part of our game-changing partnership with Polygon, we announced Immutable zkEVM, a new EVM-compatible zk-rollup with full Immutable platform support. This technology dramatically improves transaction speeds and reduces costly gas fees, all while leveraging the battle-tested security of the Ethereum blockchain. 

We envision Immutable zkEVM becoming the pinnacle of the industry tech standard for web3 gaming by streamlining decision-making for game studios and developers. What this ultimately means is that mainstream players can look forward to a new era of AAA web3-enabled games that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Polygon's ground-breaking zero-knowledge technology, in combination with Immutable's deep gaming knowledge and product suite, is already in the process of taking web3 gaming mainstream and bringing digital ownership to the masses sooner than you think.

Immutable is leading the charge

Immutable is revolutionizing the gaming industry by bridging the gap between traditional gaming and web3. With innovative solutions like Immutable zkEVM, Immutable X, and Immutable Passport, we’re laser focused on making web3 gaming more accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding for players worldwide. 

As the gaming industry continues to embrace web3 technology, Immutable’s meteoric rise is shaping the future of gaming and providing the next billion mainstream players with unparalleled opportunities to participate in this exciting new era.

To learn more about the insights shared by Robbie Ferguson, you can watch the full interview on Paul Barron Network

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