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Immutable Games Spotlight: Blood, Sweat, and Pixels in Tollan Worlds

tollan worlds, action rpg, immutable, diablo, stardew valley
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Blood, sweat, and pixels.

That’s what you can expect when playing Tollan Worlds.

Tollan Worlds is a ‘Diablo meets Stardew Valley’ online action RPG. “It's something in between. So it's not as dark as Diablo and not as peaceful as Stardew Valley,” explains founder Michael Kuvshynov. “It’s something authentic and nostalgic, with pixels everywhere.”

The game blends level-based co-op experience with roguelike-style dungeon crawling, all gorgeously rendered in “8-bit” pixel art graphics. Tolland Worlds has also recently been featured on OTK Games Expo 2023.

Play Tollan Worlds Pre-Alpha Now

Those who yearn for the early pixelated gaming days of their childhood, look no further. This is for you.

Tollan Worlds Combines Rogue-lite with Classless Combat 

The core gameplay of Tollan Worlds revolves around these main activities: exploring the world, embarking on quests, defeating enemies & bosses, and using the gathered rewards and resources to upgrade your gear. 

The game features fast-paced gameplay with action combat and multi-dimensional thought-provoking storylines, where players can define good and evil for themselves.

The player’s combat style is defined by the weapons and magical abilities they use. By equipping a new weapon, or changing their active abilities, players can experience multiple gameplay styles, while not losing their progress or having to start from scratch.

A number of rogue-lite components allow players to experience unique encounters, mechanics and rewards each time they play the game. The amount of randomized content is balanced by the world’s integrity, immersing players in the overarching plot and major non-changing locations, creating a stronger connection between the gameworld and the player.

Immerse Yourself in the Dreamy Pixels of Tollan Worlds

The pixelated world in Tollan Worlds is split into three major areas: The Mainland, Darklands, and Tollan Peak. All three regions have very different levels of societal and technological development.

Players can set up public crafting stations, trading spots, and other local in-game services and digital real estate to earn in-game currency & resources in the form of tax by providing value to the community.

One of the core aspects of Tollan Worlds is magic, which enables its inhabitants to do feats and facilitate their lives in ways that could not be accomplished otherwise.

Magic is one of the elemental powers of the world, and its proximity is represented by the large amounts of Mycelium - a conductor of such powers. Mycelium can be harvested to create magic-bearing artifacts, potions, and other magical items that cause magical effects or improve one’s magical abilities.

Mycelium is also capable of transmitting information it perceives on the surface, and who knows what will happen when such a powerful tool gets into the wrong hands?

Claim Your Identity with Tollan Worlds Genesis Avatars 

Tollan Worlds Genesis Avatars are limited-edition playable avatars, recently launched on GameStop Marketplace with a unique set of visual traits and exclusive benefits across the Tollan Worlds ecosystem.

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Owners will have exclusive access to early game tests and extra content once the game is released, discounts at the in-game store, and collectible cosmetics drops.

Tollan Worlds is Built on Immutable

Tollan Worlds is developed by Foretold Studios. Based in Los Angeles, California and Prague, Czech Republic, the core team of the project combines a complementary skill set and experience in gaming, tech, community building and finance. 

Foretold Studios develops challenging games with a distinct visual style as well as a user-first transparent monetization approach and high focus on replayability with roguelite mechanics. Using the web3 component, they’re able to create unique meta-gameplay loops and strengthen relationships between the studio and a player base through transparency and verifiable scarcity.

“Immutable allows us to keep web3 components of the game behind the scenes, seamlessly benefiting our players, while they do what they do best — enjoying our game,” says Michael Kushynov, founder of Tollan Worlds.

Play the Tollan Worlds Pre-Alpha

Currently, the game is in its pre-alpha phase and is playable in browser on Tollan Worlds’s website. Ready for some pixel-perfect action?

Play Tollan Worlds Pre-Alpha Now!

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