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GameStop NFT Marketplace: bringing NFT gaming collections to players with Immutable X

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Earlier this year, GameStop announced it was building its first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplace on Ethereum. As a strategic partner, Immutable X has been chosen to integrate its Ethereum Layer 2 protocol marketplace and work closely with GameStop’s teams to bring the next generation of gaming NFT projects to GameStop customers, creating significant opportunities for participation and liquidity for all players.

At Immutable X, our core belief is to bring true digital ownership to users. Our Layer 2 protocol is built with StarkWare’s cutting-edge zk rollup technology. Thus, by integrating into the trading platform, we can bring players access to millions of low-cost and carbon neutral in-game assets that can easily be bought and sold with gas-free and near-instant transactions — while not compromising the players’ digital assets' safety by directly inheriting Ethereum’s battle-tested security.

Fundamentally, Immutable X is integrating its global order book into the GameStop NFT marketplace, bringing existing and future projects on Immutable X Layer 2 to GameStop, including Gods Unchained (one of the top-3 largest games on the blockchain by players), Guild of Guardians (a leading blockchain mobile RPG), Ember Sword, Playco, TikTok, Planet Quest, ESL Gaming, GreenPark Sports, Illuvium and many more. GameStop and Immutable X are also using the $100m combined grant program to bring the next generation of NFT games to GameStop on Immutable X. While GameStop’s marketplace will also collaborate with other technologies to enhance its offerings (such as other NFT protocols and wallet providers), Immutable X is a foundational piece of the marketplace’s technology and GameStop’s strategy.

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