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The Story of ImmutableX and Illuvium’s Partnership

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On March 7th, Illuvium: Beyond will launch its configurable NFT collectibles, Illuvitars. Gearing up for one of the largest launches on IMX to date, the Illuvium team has been working diligently behind the scenes, leveraging the power of our scaling solutions to create an amazing final product. We can’t wait for you all to see it. 

To celebrate the launch, we’d like to a trip down memory lane to explore our relationship so far. 

Let’s take it back to the beginning. 

How ImmutableX and Illuvium Became Partners

Like many Web3 games, Illuvium’s ambitions have outpaced Ethereum L1’s scalability. To onboard the next million mainstream gamers to the blockchain, Web3 games must be accessible, entertaining, and seamless. This means fast and free transactions, smooth gameplay, and easy onboarding. Unfortunately, with low transaction throughput and sky-high gas fees, Ethereum’s user experience isn’t up to par. 

It was clear that Illuvium needed a scalability partner to bring its vision to life. 

While vetting various layer two (L2) scaling solutions, Illuvium sought a provider who offered improved transaction speeds, near-zero gas fees, and most importantly, unparalleled security. To their surprise, L2s offered all three. 

After early discussions with our team, it was clear that ImmutableX was a perfect fit. 

But why? 

Three words. Zero. Knowledge. Rollups. 

A zero-knowledge rollup (or ZK-rollup) is a blockchain scaling solution that handles the computation and processing of dozens of transactions on a layer two (L2) blockchain before submitting a ‘rolled-up’ version on the main L1 chain for near-instant settlement. And it’s ImmutableX’s secret sauce.

Using StarkWare’s STARK-powered ZK-rollup solution, ImmutableX offers a range of benefits (outside gas-free minting and trading) that have become crucial to Illuvium's success: 

Self-Custody: In the wake of FTX, retaining self-custody over one’s assets is more important than ever. Unlike other scaling solutions, ImmutableX provides users with the same battle-tested security and self-custody as Ethereum L1. And it’s been this way since day one.  

Instant ETH Transactions: All ImmutableX transactions are near-instant, trustlessly moving back to Ethereum L1, with speeds of up to 9,000 transactions per second. Even better, there’s no need for you to own a unique L2 token to buy, sell, send, or receive NFTs.

Cairo: ImmutableX offers Turing-complete general computation through StarkWare’s programming language, Cairo. 

Improved Liquidity: A rising tide lifts all ships. Through the ImmtuableX global shared orderbook, we aim to improve liquidity throughout the entire Web3 gaming ecosystem. Designed to solve order fragmentation, our protocol-level orderbook pools all of the liquidity in the ImmutableX ecosystem, allowing Illuvium assets to be listed instantly across all exchanges that support ImmutableX.

The First Illuvium Land Sale

After countless hours working with the Illuvium team behind the scenes, the first Illuvium Land sale was a special moment. To say it exceeded our expectations is an understatement. 

In four short days, we sold over ~20,000 NFTs representing virtual plots of land in the Illuvium homeworld, with customers spending over $72 million. The mint was fast, seamless, and gas-free, and Illuvium’s ImmutableX-powered marketplace, the IlluviDex, operated flawlessly.  

Most importantly, according to Illuvium CTO John Avery, customers and the Illuvium team were thrilled. 

“Our partnership with Immutable was an instrumental component in our successful land sale. ‍Working with Immutable was an equally smooth experience: they made themselves immediately available through several support channels, provided quick and accurate answers to our questions, and assisted us with timely operational support during both development and release,” he said.

“Immutable was also able to provide deep technical insight into ImmutableX, and the blockchain as a whole, and they worked with us at the design level to ensure we took best advantage of their system. The results speak for themselves." 

Now, they're gearing up for the launch of Illuvium: Beyond. Featuring over 150 hand-drawn base layers and thousands of different accessory combinations, the Illuvitar collection is primed to reinvent how NFT projects approach digital self-expression. 

Using our powerful ZK-rollup scaling solution, ImmutableX will ensure another lightning-fast, gas-free NFT minting, and trading experience of all Illuvitar avatars and accessories, directly on the IlluviDex. Using our IMX Wallet Connect feature, users can connect their existing wallets or create new wallets (with only an email address) in seconds. 

If you’re new to Web3, don’t stress. You can find our guide to creating a wallet right here. It gives you everything you need to know to gear up for the big day. 

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