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ImmutableX and Illuvium: Beyond, Launching Illuvium’s Customizable NFT Adventure

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Over the last two years, Illuvium have been developing the world’s first interoperable blockchain game universe on ImmutableX. Using our powerful zk-rollup developer platform, Illuvium has built the IlluviDex marketplace, expanded into new games, and sold over ~20,000 virtual plots ($72 million worth!) of Illuvium land. ImmutableX enables gamers enjoy unparalleled security with lightning-fast, gas-free NFT minting and trading experience.

Today, they’re announcing the launch of Illuvium: Beyond, one of the most exciting Illuvium initiatives to date. 

Hand-drawn by the artists behind top games like Magic: The Gathering and industry professionals with previous experience at gaming giants like Sega and Blizzard, Illuvitars are the configurable NFT avatars of the Illuvium universe. 

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know ahead of the collection’s mint on March 7th 2023. 

Before we start, let’s take a moment to catch everyone up to speed. 

What is Illuvium? 

Illuvium is a decentralized game studio creating the world’s first interoperable blockchain universe, including an open-world RPG exploration game, industrial city builder, and strategic auto battler. 

At the heart of the universe sit Illuvials, digital creatures that players can battle, capture, and nurse back to health. 

What is Illuvium: Beyond? 

In Illuvium: Beyond, players compete to collect the most powerful Illuvitar NFTs based on Illuvium's in-game characters. Illuvitars are a customisable collection of NFTs featuring breathtaking illustrations of Illuvials sporting a wide range of accessories, backgrounds, and expressions.

Illuvitars isn’t your standard PFP project. Unlike most avatar collections that use a base layer (think Apes for BAYC or Penguins for Pudgy Penguins), each Illuvitar base layer is a completely unique, hand-drawn work of art designed for digital self-expression.

Each Illuvitar base can be personalized with thousands of different accessory combinations, each carrying various degrees of rarity. From hats and warpaint to rings and bowties, each accessory can be permanently bound to your Illuvitar or traded across NFT marketplaces.

This rarity, also known as Illuvitar Power, plays directly into the Illuvium Album, an interactive Illuvitar collection game that fully integrates with the existing Illuvium universe. 

Inside the Album live over 100 different pages (also known as “Illuvial Line” collections). As collectors discover new Illuvials, the Album will reveal new Illuvial lines. Once you have completed a collection, you can add (also known as sleeve) your Illuvitar into its respective line. This can be done manually or via the “autofill” function. Completed collections will rewarded.

The game also features a simple, but competitive points system. Achieving rare collections will boost the player's rank on the leaderboard, unlocking additional utility within the Illuvium Universe. Illuvitar collectors can compete against each other to rank on the global leaderboards, and later  on personal leaderboards shared between only your Guild or friends list. These NFTs can also serve as the player's in-game avatar.

The rarer the item collected, the more points you earn. But that doesn’t mean you should disregard common Illuvitars altogether. Each larger collection consists of several sub-collections called milestones, which also earn points when completed.

As the interoperable Illuvium universe expands, so will the role of both leaderboard points and Illuvitars. While much of the plans are still under wraps, the team assures that Illuvitars will directly connect with your Illuvials. 

Illuvitars Mint Details 

The Illuvitars mint is scheduled to launch on March 7th, 2023. To ensure that all users have a chance to collect the rarest items, Illuvitars will be sold in two types of packs, Illuvitar D1SKs and Mega D1SKs. 

Priced at (.015 ETH), each Illuvitar D1SK includes: 

  • 1 Bonus Tier Illuvitar
  • 1 Random Illuvitar
  • 3 Accessories 

Priced at (.075 ETH), each Mega D1SK includes: 

  • 1 Guaranteed Rare item
  • 1 Random Illuvitar
  • 3 Accessories

To ensure the mint goes as smoothly as possible, the Illuvium team has enlisted the help of world-class partners like ImmutableX.  Binance, and Chainlink.

While Binance is responsible for providing a seamless, fiat payment experience on IlluviDex marketplace, Chainlink's VRF technology ensures a completely transparent selection process for raffle winners. 

Meanwhile, ImmutableX is tasked with delivering the most secure and fluid gaming experience possible, letting gamers focus solely on enjoying their game without worrying about gas fees and slow transaction speeds. 

And that’s exactly what we plan to do. 

What role does ImmutableX play in Illuvitars?

Up until this point, ImmutableX has worked closely with the Illuvium team to build a one-of-a-kind NFT gaming experience that empowers gamers with true digital ownership and freedom of expression. 

But the real work starts now. 

Using our powerful ZK-rollup scaling infrastructure, ImmutableX will ensure a lightning-fast, gas-free NFT minting and trading experience, supporting speeds of up to 9,000 transactions per second. More importantly, our L2 protocol will leverage the battle-tested security of the Ethereum blockchain to ensure a safe and secure mint. 

How to purchase an Illuvitar with an IMX Wallet 

In the meantime, all you need to do is set up a wallet on ImmutableX by visiting the ImmutableX marketplace and selecting the ‘Wallet Connect’ feature. 

From there, you can connect with compatible wallets like Metamask (using an online or hardware wallet) or Gamestop Wallet. New users can also select the ‘Email’ option to quickly create a wallet using an email address. 

Those who connect with MetaMask or GameStop Wallet will then be prompted to create an ImmutableX key. This is used to sign and approve all transactions on ImmutableX, and serves as an added degree of protection. After it is set up the first time, you don’t need to worry about it again. All wallets can be connected and disconnected from the ImmutableX ecosystem at any time. For any questions on the above, you can find detailed instructions here.

That's it! For more details on the Illuvium and the Illuvitars mint, visit We’ll see you there.


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