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Momentum at Immutable: Recap of our massive Q1 2024

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January, February, and March were massive months for Immutable with new partnerships, an expanded game library, and surging on-chain activity across our gaming ecosystem.

We saw 75+ new games added, with a record-breaking 32 games signed last month alone – signaling a 9x increase of new games signed compared to this time last year. 

Chart showing the dramatic increase in games signed in 2024

With the exploding interest in web3 gaming, we’ve been working tirelessly to ensure our platform is ready for mainstream adoption with exciting new titles, partnerships, and infrastructure developments. 

Let’s dive into it.

Immutable’s expanding gaming ecosystem 

Web3 gaming is starting to reach the masses, as shown by our own Guild of Guardians, reaching a 4.9/5 rating on the app store.

Guild of Guardians poster showing 4./5 appstore rating

This milestone signals web3 gaming is reaching an inflection point to mainstream adoption, with Guild of Guardians and many other great web3 games building on Immutable paving the way.

Top Performing Game: Blast Royale

Blast Royale is an action-packed, top-down mobile shooter that combines MOBA features with Battle Royale PvP action. It was one of our best-performing games in March, with recent stats showing:

  • Total Installs: 500K
  • D1 Retention: 43%
  • D7 Retention: 18%
  • D30 Retention: 5%
  • Average Time playing per day: 1h
  • Number of matches per player: 4.9
  • Peak DAU: 28K
  • Peak MAU: 101K

Now, let’s rapid-fire through the recent newcomers to our ecosystem:

Newest games in the Immutable ecosystem

  • Skies Verse, an immersive post-apocalyptic world, will have players embark on a journey to engage in epic battles to control desolate landscapes, cities, and much more.
  • Infinity Heroes, developed by Infinity Games, brings its flagship game exclusively to Immutable, further expanding the interoperability of the web3 gaming ecosystem.
  • Katana Inu universe, an NFT Skins Battle Royale, lets players control champions to explore an existing universe while engaging in intense battles.
  • ScarQuest, a metaverse game of the future, is now integrated with our zkEVM technology, further expanding the thriving community player base within the ecosystem. 

Head over to our Play page to discover more games!

New partners helping us bring web3 gaming to the masses

Our mission is to onboard the next generation of gamers, builders, and users onto web3 and bring true digital ownership to the world via NFTs. And we can’t do that alone.

Here are the recent partnerships helping us achieve our mission:

Immutable, Polygon Labs and King River Capital launch $100M Web3 gaming fund

Our recently launched $100M Inevitable Games Fund, in partnership with Polygon Labs and King River Capital, is set to attract more developer talent and an increased player base into web3 gaming.

Since 2018, the web gaming sector has attracted approximately $19 billion in investments. In 2023 alone, blockchain gaming related rounds reached $1.7B. A significant part of that has flowed to the 270+ web3 games developing on Immutable’s ecosystem.

This fund is part of our efforts to expand the ecosystem and accelerate the development of AAA web3 games.

Immutable x OKX: Onboarding the next billion web3 gamers 

Our recent partnership with OKX integrates our zkEVM chain into OKX Marketplace and OKX Wallet. This collaboration is set to enable more than 50 million users access to NFTs and digital wallets across the integrated gaming ecosystem. 

This partnership will also include a GameFi launchpad on the OKX NFT Marketplace, exposing highly anticipated games like Guild of Guardians, Shardbound, and Metalcore to a wider audience.

Immutable zkEVM is buzzing with activity

Immutable zkEVM, powered by Polygon, is designed for web3 gaming applications and supports games with low transaction fees, fast transaction speeds, and large-scale transaction processing through its use of zero-knowledge rollup technology to reduce gas fees and increase transaction throughput while maintaining compatibility with Ethereum.

Here’s the latest exciting news on games and projects building on Immutable zkEVM, the first of its kind zkEVM for gaming:

  • Web3 gaming stalwart Ethlizards has launched one of the first NFT collections on Immutable zkEVM. The NFT collection uses interactive lore to create a fun web3 onboarding experience.

  • The commitment from LUXON to migrate their flagship game, DESPERADO B218, to Immutable zkEVM mainnet – the first zk-rollup for games – marks a further expansion of Immutable’s industry-leading gaming ecosystem.

  • Our recent partnership with Vendetta Games, a Red Dead Redemption-style web3 free-to-play game, aims to leverage the Immutable Passport for its flagship game, Chalk River, to provide player-centric experiences across its website, game, and marketplace.

  • To expand our multi-chain ecosystem, we're teaming up with Affyn Official, a web3 gaming, metaverse, and lifestyle company, to launch a special NFT collection and their new game Buddy Arena.

Immutable’s latest onchain metrics & product updates 

In 2024, we are hellbent on delivering the best plug-and-play solution for developers looking to build fun, high-quality web3 games.

A new dashboard showcases Immutable X's impressive on-chain metrics over the last four months: 

  • 200-250k on-chain transactions per day, ~$300M lifetime
  • ~$1M a day in NFT trading volume
  • $3M lifetime on-chain users
  • $300M TVL

Immutable passport signups shoot past 200K

Over 200,000 users now use Immutable Passport, our all-in-one gamer identity solution, to help developers seamlessly onboard new players to their games without needing to know complex blockchain technology. 

Chart showing the rise in Immutable Passport signups

Passport provides a single-sign-on and passwordless wallet for players to remove onboarding friction and ease of adoption for players entering the web3 space. 

To make the lives of developers even easier, games built on zkEVM support developers sponsoring their players’ gas transactions. This unlocks additional revenue opportunities for game studios as players can play the game, trade assets, and participate in the game’s economy without transaction fees (gas) ruining their experience.

With Immutable, developers have all the tools they need to build great games – we handle the rest. 

Immutable is building the future of Web3 gaming

We’ve made a ton of progress this past quarter, and we’re not stopping here, as the rest of 2024 is shaping up to be a big year too. 

As a surprise, we are also preparing the launch of our Main Quest – keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming, exciting adventure.

You have everything you need to build the next hit game with Immutable.

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