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Metalcore: Forging Legends in the Fires of Interstellar War

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The year is 2269. 

Civil war rages across the Solar Empire as humanity struggles for survival. From this chaos emerges the powerful Fabricator technology, offering a chance to colonize new worlds beyond Earth.

Five massive colony ships - the Glorious Future, Argonne, Enterprise, Halisson, and The Ark - are commissioned for the 1,000 light-year journey to the metal-rich planet Kerberos. Their crews were placed in cryostasis for the millennium-spanning voyage.

But catastrophe strikes. The flagship Glorious Future is destroyed, and an EMP cripples three other ships - awakening their passengers from cryosleep prematurely. Over generations adrift, the Argonne, Enterprise, and Halisson crews evolve into three warring factions: the cybernetic Gearbreakers, oppressive Holy Corporation, and anarchic MetalPunks.

MetalCore factions

Now, as these isolated societies converge on Kerberos after centuries of hatred and distrust, you awaken to forge your destiny in this interstellar conflict. Will you pledge allegiance to a faction or carve your own mercenary path? 

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The choice is yours, but only the strongest will endure on the bloodied plains of this alien world.

Gear up, scrubs!

On Kerberos, territorial control is the ultimate prize. 

Scavenge resources, construct fortifications, and deploy devastating weaponry in this brutal struggle for dominance. Engage in intense PvP battles and complete challenging PvE missions to earn experience, resources, and coveted blueprints - each an NFT under your true ownership.

Metalcore character

Adapt your strategies as the planet's ever-shifting landscape becomes a weapon itself, molding the battlefield to your advantage. Trade, upgrade, or augment your arsenal by recruiting vassals into your mighty Barony, pooling resources and rising through the ranks.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

In the war-torn battlefields of Kerberos, your allegiance will be put to the ultimate test through Baronies.

To join the ranks of these formidable forces, you'll need to pledge your loyalty to a Barony and prove your worth on the battlefield. Baronies with at least 10 members of Level 10 or higher will qualify to compete on two crucial leaderboards: Most PvP Match Wins and Most Daily Missions Completed.

The rewards for those who emerge victorious are substantial. 

But joining a Barony is more than just a path to rewards – it's a badge of honor, a testament to your unwavering dedication and skill. 

As a member, you'll inherently be better than those who fight alone. You'll forge unbreakable bonds with your fellow warriors and share resources and single-use blueprints to aid each other's advancement.

Become all-powerful on the battlefield 

At the heart of Metalcore's planet-wide conflict lies a robust, tri-currency economy designed to incentivize gameplay, enable free-to-play experiences, and elevate the battlefield as the player base grows.

Holy Credits are the in-game soft currency, earned through gameplay and used for various player progression loops. SHARDS are the premium currency, empowering you with unmatched customization and letting you tailor every aspect of your gameplay experience.

However, the true driving force behind Metalcore's economy is $MCG, an ERC-20 token deployed on Immutable's zkEVM rollup for maximum interoperability. This utility token powers all transactions, resource flows, and incentivization structures, rewarding players for their achievements on the battlefield.

Fuel your ascent to the top of the leaderboards, dominating every skirmish and conquering the fiercest foes. Lead the charge, amplifying your gear and shoring up defenses to leave enemies in the dust. Command the battlefield, rally allies, and stake your claim as the ultimate power broker in the eternal faction wars.

But $MCG is more than just power – it's a commitment to the MetalCore community. 

By participating in activities and initiatives, holders shape the game's future, contributing to its growth and ensuring its success for years to come.

Join a growing community of fighters

Metalcore is taking the web3 gaming world by storm. 

Closed beta metrics

Its meteoric rise is fueled by a passionate community of over 230,000 Twitter followers, 57,000 Discord members, and 122,690 users on the waitlist for Early Access.

With an impressive 341,100 completed quests, 88,162 referred users, and 1,891 NFTs already in circulation, Metalcore is establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with in the gaming industry.

A call to arms

Metalcore is part of Immutable's vision for the future of gaming, where true ownership, player-driven economies, and immersive experiences converge. 

As one of the first AAA web3 games on the market, Metalcore sets the standard for the next generation of gaming. It leverages the power of blockchain technology and NFTs to revolutionize the way players interact with and invest in their favorite games.

Using Immutable’s Passport, Metalcore players can participate in daily challenges, on-chain missions, and cross-game collaborations, earning rewards and unlocking new opportunities across the ever-expanding Immutable universe.

So, are you prepared to wage war across the bloodied plains of Kerberos? 

It's time to prove your worth.

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