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5 New NFT Projects Built on ImmutableX (2022)

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Along with the growth of NFTs, a handful of Ethereum scalability constraints have arisen. But with the emergence of layer 2 Ethereum scaling solutions such as ImmutableX, both creators and gaming developers are looking to deliver unparalleled user experiences to collectors across the globe. 

On the ImmutableX marketplace, we’re proud to offer both gamers and NFT enthusiasts a wide range of digital assets, including in-game assets, PFP projects, and digital artwork.

Here are a few of our favorite new NFT projects and games to keep an eye on in 2022. 

Highrise Creature Club

Six unique creatures from Highrise Creature Club.

One of the leading mobile metaverses, Highrise Creature Club (HCC) features a dynamic virtual space where users can create rooms, host experiences, and more. At the heart of HCC live avatars known as Creatures, which are made of hand-crafted items that vary in rarity. The full collection consists of 11,100 creatures, and a has sold total of $5.6M, with the highest transaction valued at $22,600. 

Book Games

A brainchild of renowned entrepreneur, author, and speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk, Book Games is tied to Gary Vee’s best-selling book Twelve and a Half. Supporters who purchased 12 copies of the book were rewarded with one free, unique Book Games token. 

The Book Games NFT collection features 16 hand-drawn artworks with five exclusive rarity tiers, framed in 1 of 15 randomly generated frames. In addition to being used to play Book Games, the tokens can be burned in exchange for other future digital asset purchases or can act as a FRIENDS Pass which provided a 12 and a half-day12-and-a-half-day minting advantage to VeeFriends Series 2. 

Today, Book Games has an all-time trading volume of $104.8M, with the highest sale at a staggering $202.3K.

Immortal Game

Immortal Game takes the classic chess game to the next level by empowering players to own stylish chess piece NFTs called Immortals. Each of these NFTs is linked to optional quests favoring particular play styles, which when completed, will reward players with leaderboard points and other prizes. 

At the moment, Immortal Game's all-time trading volume is $505.5K, with one asset fetching $14,300 alone.

Moody Krows

A collection of six crows showing different creative styles and moods.

The first-ever profile picture (PFP) NFT on the Immutable X platform, Moody Krows are a collection of 10,000 randomly generated collectible avatars. Each Moody Krows NFT is stylish and imaginative, and owning one allows you to passively gather a limited collection of Moody Pebbles, which can be combined with the mystery eggs created during Krow breeding. The collection has sold over $18M worth of assets, with the highest sale coming in at just over $30,000.

Gods Unchained

A set of trading cards used in the Gods Unchained game.

Gods Unchained is a blockchain trading card game (TCG) where players compete in strategy-focused battles using fantasy-based NFT cards. To succeed, players must build a powerful deck that they can use to thwart opponents across various game modes. Players can also earn rewards in ranked matches and extract value from their collections by buying and selling NFT cards in the marketplace. With over 29.5M unique items in circulation, Gods Unchained has sold a total of $100.7M worth of assets in its lifetime, with the most expensive asset selling for a whopping 76,200. 

Something catch your eye? All of these collections and more can be bought and sold instantly, gas-free on the ImmutableX Marketplace. marketplace Users trading select collections are eligible to earn ImmutableX’s native utility token, $IMX, through the IMX Trading Rewards program. 

Buy or sell an NFT on an ImmutableX integrated marketplace and let your $IMX earnings flow in. It’s that simple.

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