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IMX Rewards Presents Trading Rewards!

There’s never been a better time to trade on ImmutableX.

At Immutable, empowering our community through true ownership is a top priority. ImmutableX is recognized as the leading platform for launching web3 games and trading digital assets, and you deserve to share in that success.

IMX Rewards represents all of the ways IMX tokens are used to accelerate the growth of the ImmutableX platform. Trading Rewards, one of the most successful IMX Rewards programs, features a points-based rewards system where traders earn points based on their daily trading volume that are converted into IMX tokens.

Here's how it works:
  1. Have a registered wallet on ImmutableX
  2. Each day you trade (buy or sell NFTs) between $10 USD and $10,000 USD of an Eligible Collection on the ImmutableX protocol will earn you points.
    a. The Eligible Collections list is determined by      assessing the quality of NFTs, community      engagement, royalty fees, and other criteria.
  3. Points are earned in a non-linear fashion - you earn points at an increased rate as you trade more in a given day.
    a. Points aren’t calculated on a per-trade basis. They      are awarded based on the total amount (in USD)      you’ve traded for that day.
    b. Once a wallet reaches $10,000 USD in trading      volume in a given day, it will no longer accumulate      points that day.

  4. Points are rewarded based on your trading volume in a given day and then converted into IMX tokens. The more you trade, the more points you earn per dollar traded. Track daily token rewards and points earned from trading volume here.
    a. Points are converted into IMX tokens based on the      number of points you earn relative to everyone else
    b. For example, if you earn 1,000 points and a total of      10,000 has been earned across all traders that day,      you will earn 10% of the IMX tokens rewarded
  5. Points will be calculated daily and converted into IMX tokens based on the criteria outlined above. Your daily earnings will be distributed cumulatively each week by end of day Friday UTC.

Partner Spotlight

The Partner Spotlight is a special edition of Trading Rewards where we reward our community for showing some love to our partners.

Our partners, everything from games to marketplaces, are a critical part of the Immutable X ecosystem and we are genuinely invested in their success. We’re excited to show our community some of the incredible partners building on ImmutableX. All of the same mechanics and criteria from the Trading Rewards program still apply, but specific partners (a marketplace or collection) will be featured for a limited time.

Trade NFTs, earn $IMX, and experience new ImmutableX partners.

How do I earn IMX rewards?

Register your wallet
Ensure you have a registered wallet on ImmutableX, click here to set it up.
Start Trading
Each day you trade (buy or sell NFTs) between $10 USD and $10,000 USD of Eligible Collections on the ImmutableX protocol will result in points earned.
Earn Rewards
At the end of each day, your points will be converted into IMX tokens proportionally based the points you've earned vs the total points earned.

How much can I be rewarded?

Every day, you’ll be rewarded points based on your trading volume for the day.
See an example for a single day below.
Your points earned:
Total points earned:
1.5 Million
Example scenario: In a given day, if 1.5M points are earned and you earn 15,000 (1% of total points), you would receive 1% of the IMX tokens distributed that day.
Daily reward pool
Your reward is 1% of the total reward pool
Diagram is for illustration purposes only. While token rewards will be calculated daily, your daily earnings will be distributed cumulatively by end of day Friday UTC. We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions of the Trading Rewards program, without notice.


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