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Immutable Podcasts

36 mins
November 24, 2023

Between 2 Layers S2E07: Bullish Metrics, Illuvium Updates, Gods Unchained Tides of Fate Refresh

In this episode, Robbie & Carly walks us through the macromarket shifting 0 to 100, investor metrics for bullishness, Illuvium updates, what people are demanding in terms of gaming ecosystems and new partnerships in Asia. We’re then introduced to Daniel Paez (@_Papalicious_), Executive Producer of Gods Unchained who speaks about game life cycles, the Tides of Fate transformation, what Passport integration brings to the table and plans for Mobile.

58 mins
November 10, 2023

Between 2 Layers S2E06: Ubisoft News, Latest Immutable Wins, WAGMI Games’ Token

89 mins
October 27, 2023

Between 2 Layers S2E5: Web3 Gaming Debates, the Indie Approach, the Amazon-Immutable Partnership

58 mins
October 13, 2023

Between 2 Layers S2E4: Web3 Gaming in Korea & Japan, Counter-strike 2 and talking to Metalcore

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