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WalletConnect V1 Deprecation

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For those of you using WalletConnect to enable MetaMask wallet connections via Link on mobile, we have an important announcement to share regarding our support for WalletConnect on Immutable Link. WalletConnect v1.0 will be deprecated on 28th June 2023, which means that Immutable will no longer be able to continue supporting WalletConnect. We want to avoid any potential impact to our partners and community, so we’re sharing guidance on this matter here.

The deprecation of WalletConnect is a decision beyond our control, made by the WalletConnect team. While our teams were exploring various alternatives, it became apparent that maintaining a stable and secure integration with WalletConnect's updated versions would require extensive resources and time investment. In order to ensure that we’re only shipping features that can be reliably maintained, Immutable will no longer be supporting WalletConnect. But don’t worry, we won’t leave you without a solution.

Immutable Passport, our new instant wallet onboarding solution, will more than make up for the loss of WalletConnect. Passport is integrated directly into a powerful web3 ecosystem of tools, marketplaces, and infrastructure solutions that enable global scalability and will ultimately improve the mobile experience for your users.

Immutable Passport combines seamless integration with Immutable platform, enhanced security features, and a user-friendly interface by offering familiar social logins and smart confirmations that makes web3 onboarding accessible to all gamers.

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In deprecating WalletConnect support, we have taken this opportunity to build a stronger, more robust solution that puts you, our partners and community, at the center of our focus. We believe that Immutable Passport will offer you an even better mobile experience, unlocking new possibilities and ensuring the highest level of security for your digital assets.

We understand that transitions can be challenging, but we are committed to providing you with all the necessary resources and support during this migration. Our team will be available to assist you in seamlessly transitioning from WalletConnect to Immutable Passport, ensuring minimal disruption to your user experience.

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