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Under The Hood: Immutable Checkout

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User-experience for players remains one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of mainstream adoption of blockchain gaming. In a previous deep dive, we spotlighted Immutable Passport as an integral part of our product strategy to solve some of the highest friction elements of user experience in the blockchain gaming space.

Today, we explore how Immutable Checkout creates a seamless in-game transaction experience for players, and unlocks untapped revenue potential for your game. 

Immutable Checkout is a complete payment solution that manages your game or marketplace's entire checkout process. Checkout enables users to effortlessly add funds, swiftly purchase or exchange assets, and seamlessly integrate multiple payment methods, driving increased conversions and ensuring that your community is always transaction-ready.

How does Checkout increase revenue potential for my game?

Checkout features a number of key capabilities that greatly open new revenue streams and drive increased conversion rates for your game.

  1. Fiat Onramp, Swap, and Bridge Capabilities allows our partners to tap into multiple funding channels.

  2. Immutable’s integration with trusted onramp partners that have global market coverage allows games to tap into a much broader player-base in new markets.

  3. User-friendly widget UIs: The battle-tested UIs of Checkout seamlessly convert gamers into buyers, significantly boosting transaction volumes.

  4. Additional revenue through Swap Widget: Checkout enables partners to drive additional revenue by charging incremental fees.

  5. Checkout is compatible with a wide range of wallets, including our flagship Passport product, and other popular wallets like Metamask. This allows games to cater to the diverse community of Web3 gamers, offering them a seamless and enjoyable experience.

In the future, Checkout plans to introduce Cross-chain and CEX funding sources, as well as Direct NFT Checkout.

How does Checkout reduce player friction when it comes to making transactions?

Checkout caters to both mainstream web2 gamers and web3 natives by providing fiat funding methods and crypto payments. Our embeddable web components (Onramp, Swap, Bridge) have undergone rigorous user testing to ensure exceptional conversion rates. 

Leveraging our battle-tested UI guarantees a smooth and intuitive experience for users, driving higher engagement, increased adoption, and ultimately, greater success for your game or marketplace. 

The Smart Checkout engine intelligently analyzes the user's wallet balance and transaction requirements. If the balance is insufficient, Smart Checkout automatically directs them to an onramp, swap, or bridge for acquiring the necessary funds. This eliminates the frustration of manual fund management, thereby creating a hassle-free experience.

How does Checkout decrease development costs for game studios?

Checkout’s suite of front & backend components simplify the web3 development effort required for games that lack web3 expertise. We provide a set of pre-built web components. These components offer a convenient and time-saving option, enabling developers to leverage tested and user-approved UI elements for wallet connection, balance management, bridging, and swaps.

  1. Embeddable web components

With a few lines of code, you can quickly and easily integrate wallet connection, balance management, bridging, and swaps into your application, freeing up valuable resources to focus on other aspects of your project.

  1. Customisation

Checkout is designed to be a flexible solution that puts developers in control. With our comprehensive SDK, developers have the freedom to craft their own custom user experiences, ensuring their game stands out from the crowd. Whether it's integrating with existing UI frameworks or implementing innovative design elements, our SDK empowers developers to create a truly tailored experience for gamers.

How does Checkout work from a technical point of view?

  1. Triggered by the player's action, the game invites the player to connect their wallet first via the Checkout Connect widget. The connection persists, meaning that players don’t need to perform a login every time they decide to purchase an asset.

  2. Checkout promptly retrieves the users' wallet balances on the Immutable zkEVM and Ethereum blockchains via a block explorer.

  3. Checkout uses the Orderbook integration to collect the requirements for completing the asset purchase (asset cost, approval requirements, gas fees, etc.).

  4. If needed, Checkout uses the Immutable Bridge to calculate all the possible steps to convert the user's Ethereum balances into the tokens required for the purchase.

  5. Compounding the previous steps, Checkout uses the Decentralised Exchange (DEX - QuickSwap) to calculate all the possible steps to convert the user's Immutable zkEVM balances into the tokens required for the purchase.

  6. Checkout identifies if the required tokens for the purchase are available using fiat via our integrated onramp partner.

  7. Checkout aggregates the results from the previous operations to identify the steps the user should take to have all the required tokens and complete the purchase.

  8. The game provides a game-integrated experience to guide the user through any funding steps using the Checkout widgets.

  9. The player completes the purchase simply by following the Immutable Checkout widgets prompts without the need to leave the game or use any other third-party tool.

  10. The Immutable Orderbook and Immutable zkEVM blockchains process the player's operation.

Immutable Checkout will become a pivotal asset for game studios. For developers, it opens up new revenue streams and reduces development costs. For players, it eases payment processes, offering a smooth, simple, and enjoyable transacting experience that preserves immersion within your game. This will ultimately enhance the player's trust and confidence when it comes to playing and transacting.

To find out more about Checkout and how to integrate it with your game or marketplace, please visit the Checkout developer documentation here

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