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The Lost Glitches and ImmutableX: Bringing the Fun to Web3 Gaming

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Web3 games should be fun and accessible. But between complicated jargon, complex onboarding processes, and players prioritizing earning over enjoyment, things can get a little messy. 

For millions of gamers to discover Web3 gaming, things desperately need to be simplified. And that’s exactly what The Lost Glitches is aiming to achieve. 

Set in the cyberpunk atmosphere of the Deep Sky Network, The Lost Glitches is a multiplayer-play-to-earn trading card game with a deep emphasis on long-lasting fun, immersive storytelling, and digital ownership. A cross between a collectible card game and roleplaying game, players can customize their gameplay by upgrading their character's skill tree and strategically using skill points to craft powerful card combinations. Like many play-to-earn games, players can earn in-game assets and cryptocurrency as rewards for victory. 

A product of the highly acclaimed Honig Studios, Lost Glitches aims to combine premium gameplay with a versatile, novel, and welcoming experience. In addition to its default multiplayer mode, the game will also feature beginner-friendly tutorials, single-player campaigns, quests, and competitive events for players to connect and showcase their skills. 

Currently available on Mac and Windows, the game is set to release its first set of 400 ‘Memories’ cards in December 2022, dedicated to the lost memories of all Glitches. A limited number of booster packs is slated to drop shortly after.

Using ImmutableX’s powerful ZK-rollup technology, The Lost Glitches will empower players with full ownership of all in-game assets as fully-carbon neutral NFTs, all while leveraging the battle-tested  Ethereum blockchain. 

In addition, ImmutableX will bring a seamless user experience and easy onboarding to all of The Lost Glitches players, with speeds of over 9,000 transactions per second and the ability to purchase The Lost Glitches in-game assets gas-free with all major credit cards. 

According to The Lost Glitches Founder, Alexey Ivanov, it’s this accessibility that makes ImmutableX a perfect partner.

“Beyond creating and immersing players in the unique and rich cyberpunk atmosphere of the Deep Sky Network world, we also want to make education and onboarding new players to web3 a fun and easy-to-understand experience. And ImmutableX will help us to easily integrate these aspects.” 

The Lost Glitches Game Director, Jiannis Sotiropoulos echoed a similar sentiment, citing the ImmutableX’s existing user base of players who love trading card games as a key selling point. 

“With our focus on attracting both web3 and traditional gamers with exciting game play we aim to help with their push to onboard the next generation of players into web3,” he added. 

With over a decade of experience in video game development, digital Emmy-nominated Honig Studios (fka Mimunga Gaming) is responsible for award-winning games like Milli the Snail and El Hijo. 

And while The Lost Glitches is still early in its development, we have no doubt that it will follow a similar path.

For more information on how The Lost Glitches and ImmutableX are the next Web3 cyberpunk deckbulider, read their blog and follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord


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