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Testnet on Goerli: Sandbox is live on Immutable X

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Immutable X has been recognised as one of the best platforms for developers to build and launch web3 games, and we’re continuing to deliver a world-class developer experience! With the execution of The Merge, the Ropsten testnet is considered deprecated and is superseded by other testnets like Goerli. Several blockchain node providers like Alchemy have announced they will cease support for Ropsten nodes from October 5th, 2022. 

We’re excited to announce that the Immutable Layer 2 Testnet on Goerli - Sandbox is officially live! With this launch, developers can use the Goerli testnet while building or testing their solutions on Immutable.

This update furthers our commitment to providing developers with a safe space to experiment with different functionalities before deploying on the Ethereum mainnet. Goerli offers a stable, controlled test environment where developers can make mistakes, learn valuable lessons, and improve their product without incurring expensive costs or reputational damage to their brand.

Immutable will continue to support the Ropsten testnet until Wednesday, 5th October 2022 (05/10/2022). After that date, Immutable will no longer service API requests on that environment across our platform and will be considered deprecated.

Sandbox starts with a blank slate and does not automatically migrate over any existing assets from the Ropsten testnet. Developers will have to migrate all their testnet assets from Ropsten to Sandbox manually. Some actions you might want to take include:

  1. Registering your collections
  2. Minting your assets
  3. Putting your assets up for sale on the marketplace, and
  4. Request help to register your ERC20 tokens.


Here are some important contract addresses to keep a note of:

  1. Core (StarkEx Bridge) Contract: 0x7917eDb51ecD6CdB3F9854c3cc593F33de10c623
  2. Registration Contract: 0x1C97Ada273C9A52253f463042f29117090Cd7D83

The Property & corresponding URLs  of the new Sandbox environment are listed below:




We have updated our SDKs and GitHub repositories to work seamlessly with the new Sandbox environment:

  1. imx-sdk
  2. imx-contracts
  3. Imx-examples

We have also updated our documentation to reflect the introduction of this new sandbox environment. 

We’re passionate about delivering a world-class developer experience - your feedback is critical throughout this journey. If you have any comments or feedback, let us know here


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