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Immutable and Sailwars: Conquer the Seas in This New Thrilling Strategy Web3 Game

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Are you ready to set sail on a thrilling adventure and conquer the high seas? Sailwars, the latest strategy game developed by dot.GAMING Studio is coming to Immutable zkEVM.

Sailwars promises an exhilarating adventure experience filled with strategic battles, rewarding victories, and a vibrant community. Upgrade your fleet and captains, experiment with different strategies, and set sail to conquer the seas.

With a variety of different ship types, each possessing its own unique abilities, players have endless possibilities to explore and experiment with. On top of that, captains can be recruited to lead the ships, each offering their own set of skills and abilities.

Command your fleet into the heat of the battle and direct your ships to coordinate attacks and gain the upper hand. Utilize your captains' abilities strategically to turn the tides of war in your favor. Only by mastering the art of commanding your fleet will you be able to secure victory and conquer enemy territories.

By winning battles, completing quests, and participating in events, players can earn valuable rewards. These rewards can be used to purchase new ships, recruit captains, and obtain other in-game items. As you build your fleet and expand your arsenal, the path to becoming a formidable force becomes even more enticing.Players will also have the opportunity to team up with fellow sailors by joining guilds, opening up avenues for collaboration to form powerful crews and fleets. 

Immutable zkEVM and dot.GAMING Studio: A Powerful Partnership

At the core of Sailwars is the partnership between dot.GAMING Studio and Immutable.

dot.GAMING Studio, backed by China's largest metaverse company, Banding HOTDOG, brings its expertise and innovation to the gaming industry. With over 30 million registered users and partnerships with top-tier companies, dot.GAMING Studio is well positioned to deliver a new kind of gaming experience.

Immutable offers studios like dot.GAMING Studio with a complete end-to-end solution for web3 game development, across Player Experience, Developer Experience, Revenue Engine, and Infrastructure.

Leveraging the cutting-edge technology of Immutable zkEVM, powered by Polygon, Sailwars joins an ecosystem of games that are built with low cost, high-speeds, with Ethereum grade security, ensuring that players have the smoothest gaming experience possible.

“With EVM compatibility, Immutable zkEVM offers the most cutting-edge technology in the web3 gaming realm. They tirelessly work towards enhancing their gaming ecosystem, developer tools, and publishing capabilities, making it the platform with the largest ecosystem for the mass market in web3 gaming.” Deon Combrik, Game Designer (dot.GAMING)

The future of Sailwars looks brighter than ever, with an exciting roadmap in place. In the coming months, Sailwars will undergo beta tests, giving players the opportunity to experience the game firsthand. dot.GAMING's cloud gaming service will also be introduced, eliminating the hassle of installations and updates. Eyeing an official launch date in Q2 2024, the journey doesn't stop there, as global online and offline eSports tournaments are planned for the future.

Get ready to embark on an adventure like no other and write your name in maritime history with Sailwars!

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