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Rooniverse and Immutable: Bringing The Most Savage Hyper Royale to Web3

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Web3 games don’t only need to capture people’s attention. They need to hold it for hours on end. 

Few people know this better than the folks at XP Foundry. 

Led by a strong executive team with experience at Unity, EA, and the Global Esports Federation, XP Foundry is the Web3 arm of Broken Circle Studios. With over 20 engineers and artists and 120 titles credit, XP Foundry specializes in hybrid genre skill-based gameplay and 360° LiveOps to deliver electrifying user experiences to players across all platforms.  

Bringing this knowledge into Web3, XP Foundry seeks to create an inaugural breed of blockchain games with time-killing fun and true ownership at the forefront.

Rooniverse is the perfect example.

Dubbed “the most savage hyper-royale,” Rooniverse is a free-to-play multiplayer mobile game featuring a wacky world of cute, savage creatures called Roos. With thrilling PvP modes where players harvest resources and build their own empire, the game bridges competitive action gameplay with crafting, UGC, and optional on-chain collectibles. 

Fresh off a $1.5 million pre-seed round, Rooniverse is gearing up for the launch of its highly anticipated alpha. As development continues, the Rooniverse ecosystem will also include Roo Camp, an idle gaming web app where Origin Roo owners can take part in training, hunting, and other on-chain activities.

But to bring their vision to life, Rooniverse needed the infrastructure to scale. And after initially building on Solana, it became clear to the team that Immutable’s dedicated Web3 gaming ecosystem was a perfect fit. 

Using our powerful ZK-rollup technology, ImmutableX will provide the tooling and infrastructure needed to scale Rooniverse to the masses. In addition to the gas-free minting and trading of all Rooniverse assets as carbon-neutral NFTs, all assets will also be featured across all marketplaces integrated with the ImmutableX global order book.

“Immutable has great features to facilitate mass adoption like gas-free trading and a development roadmap exclusively focused on serving games….I’m a big believer in platforms that niche down and focus in catering to a specific industry segment,” said Germán Palau, Co-Founder and CEO of Rooniverse. “Through our many conversations, Immutable has shown us that they clearly “get it” when it comes to understanding mainstream gamers and getting rid of all of the blockchain things that they will never adopt or tolerate.”

By combining the expertise of a seasoned game development studio with the scalability and user-friendliness of ImmutableX, Rooniverse is poised to become a leader in the world of Web3 gaming. We couldn’t be more excited to be part of the journey. 

For more information on how Rooniverse and ImmutableX are building the next generation of hybrid, skill-based Web3 games follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.

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