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Immutable and Endless Clouds Partner to Bring Two Major Titles to Market in 2024

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The partnership will bring Endless Clouds’ highly anticipated titles Treeverse and Capsule Heroes to the Immutable zkEVM chain

SYDNEY - January 23, 2024 - Immutable, the leading web3 gaming platform and ecosystem, is partnering with mobile gaming studio, Endless Clouds. This collaboration will see the release of two highly anticipated games Treeverse and Capsule Heroes. The games will be built on Immutable zkEVM, powered by Polygon, which is projected  for mainnet launch early in 2024. 

Treeverse is an immersive MMORPG that transports players to the mystical city of Lorwick. Here, gamers can explore a rich, detailed world, engage in intense battles against formidable monsters, gather rare resources, and craft powerful equipment. The game's diverse gameplay elements promise an unparalleled experience that balances thrilling adventure with strategic depth.

Capsule Heroes breaks new ground as a PvP brawler, inviting players to team up with friends and dive into various game modes, including Occupy, Team Deathmatch, and Survival. The game features a plethora of unique skins, allowing players to customize their characters and stand out in the heat of battle. Each match is a test of skill, strategy, and teamwork, offering endless excitement and replayability.

Both Treeverse and Capsule Heroes will initially launch in open alpha and beta formats. This approach empowers the gaming community to actively participate in the development process, providing valuable feedback and shaping the games' final versions. 

The Endless Clouds team is led by founder @Loopifyyy and backed by notable funds like Animoca Brands, Skyvision Capital, Momentum 6, and more. Endless Clouds has already captured the attention of gamers worldwide, boasting over $100M in NFT trading volume. This achievement underscores the studio's capability to create engaging, high-value gaming experiences that resonate with the web3 community.

Endless Clouds founder, Loopify, added, “Community support for our studio has been incredible, and with the highly anticipated releases of Treeverse and Capsule Heroes nearing fruition, we needed to make a critical infrastructure decision for where our games will be featured. After carefully considering our options, we confidently selected Immutable to be the home of both titles, knowing the seamless and efficient experience our community will encounter when building on Immutable’s zkEVM technology.” 

“With this partnership we aren’t just signaling a promising future for these two titles – we’re continuing to drive a turning point for the overall games industry as the blockchain vertical continues to mature,” said Robbie Ferguson, Immutable President & Co-Founder. “Treeverse and Capsule Heroes are highly anticipated titles and we’re confident that their decision to leverage Immutable’s platform will elevate the gamer experience across the board.”

Endless Clouds will also integrate with Immutable Passport, a single sign-on solution that eases the onboarding of new players gaming on chain. Launched in December 2023, Passport radically simplifies managing gamer’s identities and digital assets across games. With over 500K users already introduced to Passport, it's set to improve the onboarding experience for Treeverse and Capsule Heroes players.

Robbie Ferguson continued, “We want to create the most seamless experience possible for players and developers interacting with Immutable. Endless Clouds and its suite of games will now have access to leading technology in the space, creating a frictionless experience for both new and experienced players, increasing activity and participation for both titles.”

Endless Clouds’ community support, combined with Immutable’s industry-leading end-to-end gaming solutions and ecosystem of more than 200 top tier titles, positions both Treeverse and Capsule Heroes to further adoption of blockchain gaming in 2024. 

For more information about Treeverse and Capsule Heroes, as well as how to get involved with alpha and beta testing, please register for the Endless Clouds Substack here: 

About Immutable

Immutable is a global leader in gaming on a mission to bring digital ownership to every player by making it safe and easy to build great Web3 games. Co-founded by James Ferguson, Robbie Ferguson and Alex Connolly in 2018, Immutable is headquartered in Sydney with a 250+ team, and backed by top transformational tech investors like Temasek, Tencent, Coinbase, BITKRAFT Ventures, King River Capital, Galaxy Interactive and more.

The Immutable gaming platform makes it easy for game studios and independent developers to safely and confidently build and launch successful games on Ethereum. The product suite includes pre-built solutions, optimised for usability, that help developers get to market faster without sacrificing security or player experience. Builders get personalised Web3 guidance, live support for their communities, and access to the largest ecosystem in gaming.

Immutable was the first gaming platform to deliver a zero-knowledge (zk) scaling solution to the Ethereum community and provides developers with multiple zk-based scaling options, including Immutable X, a rollup based on StarkWare technology, and Immutable zkEVM, powered by Polygon.

Immutable Games is a global leader in Web3 game development and publishing, backed by a world-class team who have proven track records of bringing games to millions of players. The studio pioneered the world's first blockbuster NFT trading-card game Gods Unchained and is currently building the highly anticipated mobile RPG Guild of Guardians. Alongside its own high-quality titles, Immutable Games partners with third-party game developers to provide them with best-in-class strategy and execution expertise aimed at ensuring the success of every Web3 game deployed within the Immutable ecosystem.

For more information, please visit: 

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