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Planet Quest Partner Profile

Planet Quest Partner Profile
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PlanetQuest is a sci-fi fantasy exploration game that takes players on an epic journey to unique, uncharted planets in search of an element called Quantum. Quantum ($PQX) is an ERC-20 token that is earned in-game through completing adventures and challenges and can be used to trade and purchase in-game valuables. On their adventures, players may also discover new parts, tradeable NFTs, that can be turned into different gear or traded with planet owners.

Teaming up with players co-operatively or choosing versus mode, players will encounter exotic life forms and rare alien artifacts through battles that secure their factions and resources. Players have full ownership and control over the future lore and long-term strategy surrounding the PlanetQuest universe and can vote on these decisions as a community. 

Players can earn Quantum in a number of ways, either by completing missions and adventures, renting out gear or owning planets and guilds. Anyone who plays PlanetQuest has the potential to work their way up the ladder and easily earn substantial rewards playing their favorite game. 

Using Galactic Entertainment’s Genesis Engine to procedurally generate entire planets, there are always unique challenges and experiences that will capture players' intrigue and engagement. The game is free-to-play, however, owning a planet will allow players to enjoy the full in-game experience.

PlanetQuest’s team is made up of a highly talented and experienced group of international heavy hitters with illustrious backgrounds in astrophysics, law, Hollywood & notable AAA games. PlanetQuest is also backed by well-known VCs such as Alameda Research, Kingsway Capital and more.

“We knew that with PlanetQuest, we wanted to push the limits of how many of the assets in our game could exist on the blockchain and truly be owned by players. Few technologies available today can offer the kind of transaction volume Immutable X can handle, and none do so with its level of security and ease of use. Which is why we’re thrilled to team up with Immutable X to bring PlanetQuest to the world."
Loren Roosendaal - Founder, PlanetQuest

In an effort to give back, PlanetQuest will launch a global educational program for children to help them appreciate the vastness and beauty of the galaxy and our own planet, as well as donate a portion of PlanetQuest proceeds to Earth’s environmental conservation.

To ensure a seamless and inclusive blockchain experience, PlanetQuest has partnered with Immutable X and Starkware to implement fast and secure crypto and credit card payment methods. This means anyone and everyone can easily play PlanetQuest even if they don’t have a crypto wallet.

“PlanetQuest is an amazing game. The world-building they have established through beautiful web design and engaging Discord story mechanics is incredible. It's inspiring to see a game really push the boundaries of what a web3 game can be."

-Allen Amos-Binks, Solutions Consultant, Immutable.

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