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OYABUN and Immutable: The Premier Manga-Inspired, AR/AI Driven Web3 Universe

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In this fiercely-competitive Web3 gaming landscape, innovation is no longer an option. It’s a necessity for survival. While emerging technologies like AR and AI are all the rage, it’s the games which use these to deliver truly exceptional gaming experiences that will stand the test of time. 

OYABUN serves as a perfect example.

OYABUN is an immersive Web3 mobile game set in the post-machine war megacity of Neo Tokyo in 2084. In this futuristic manga universe, players take the role of cyber-yakuza characters to combat opponents, complete outdoor street missions, and recruit members to expand their clans. The game features six cyber-yakuza characters: Saya, Kusanagi, Akira, Takeshi, Dae-Su, and Miyamoto. Each character has varying attributes and rarity types which can impact their likelihood to win battles and find “rob boxes.” By participating in battles, players can earn experience points and the in-game currency $OYAB.

While OYABUN works on building an engaging, AR and AI-driven Web3 universe, Immutable will provide the proper infrastructure to bring this unparalleled experience to the masses via Immutable zkEVM.

"I believe OYABUN and Immutable are embarking on a promising future together,” says Mathieu Gsell, co-founder of Oya Studio. “Our focus on AI/AR integration, coupled with the advanced tools offered by Immutable, will greatly elevate our project!"

Led by co-founders Mathieu Gsell, Marc-Olivier Crisan, Jérémie Kuntzinger, and Kevin Valfin, the OYABUN team brings decades of experience in finance, marketing, blockchain, design, and game development. And while OYABUN’s public version is still in the works, the game has already amassed a trail of achievements.

During OYABUN’s first 2084 Genesis NFT sale on July 6, 2022, around 2,900 NFTs were sold out in under five minutes, raising approximately $250,000. Meanwhile, since the launch of the game’s private beta version in December 2022, OYABUN has also recorded an impressive player retention rate. 

Currently, users can only access the game by acquiring a Genesis NFT on OpenSea. However, the team will soon release a free-to-play feature, along with other exciting developments including OYABUN’s public beta release, new characters and items, AR and AI integrations, and the first sale of the “OYABUN: First Blood” board game.

For more information on how OYABUN and Immutable are building the first manga-inspired, AR and AI-powered Web3 game, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.

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