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Open Games Builders and Immutable: The AAA Shooter Bridging The Gap Between Web2 and Web3 Gaming

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Onboarding existing web2 gamers has long been a struggle for many web3 games. Open Games Builders looks to eliminate that pain point, ushering in the next generation of players into web3 gaming with their debut game Siege Builders: Clash of Legends.

Featuring smooth AAA shooter mechanics and a frictionless onboarding process, Open Games Builders is committed to building a game that seamlessly bridges the gap between web2 and web3 gamers. 

At the core of this endeavor lies Siege Builders' commitment to accessibility. With a simple user ID and password, players can dive straight into the game, skipping the cumbersome barriers that often plague other web3 games. No need to grapple with crypto wallets or multiple account setups; the focus is on pure, immediate gameplay.

But the appeal doesn't stop with newcomers. Siege Builders intends to extend its user-friendly approach to seasoned blockchain gaming enthusiasts. The game's interoperability features will allow users from any blockchain to seamlessly start gaming without any friction.

But to bring Siege Builders’ big visions to life, Open Games Builders needed a robust blockchain infrastructure solution to scale. With Immutable zkEVM, our EVM-compatible zk-rollup technology, Siege Builders developers and users alike will be able to enjoy custom smart contract support, advanced gameplay mechanics and tokenomics, and a seamless trading experience.

“Our partnership with Immutable is a game changer,” said Open Games Builders CEO Mauro Blanco. “Their innovative technology enables seamless wallet integration, empowering players to trade, own, and showcase in-game assets securely. We're excited to elevate the gaming experience for our users in Siege Builders: Clash of Legends.”

This technology, combined with a founding team boasting decades of experience in the esports industry, social media, and brand strategy, Siege Builders is well positioned to deliver on its lofty promises. In addition to its strong internal team, Open Games Builders is also well connected to Dubai’s royal family, along with the Spanish government. Through these international collaborations, Open Games Builders will easily be able to tap into new global audiences, and further the organic growth of the game. 

Pre-registration for the game is open on the Open Games Builders’ official website, with a host of airdrops and incentives planned for early registrants. Future giveaways and updates for the title will be published on X.

For more information on how Open Games Builders and Immutable are crafting the AAA shooter destined to bridge the gap between web2 and web3, explore a new era of play on Immutable, and follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.

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