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Microsoft-Backed StarHeroes Enlists Immutable to Power Upcoming Web3 Skill-Based Space Shooter Game

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Sydney, Australia September 29, 2022 — Immutable X, an industry-leading NFT minting and trading platform and the world’s first Layer 2 rapid-scaling solution on Ethereum, is partnering with StarHeroes to bring the top-quality, skill-based space shooter game into the Immutable ecosystem and to further accelerate the adoption of web3 games.

Since starting development in 2020, StarHeroes has worked to deliver a game that surpasses the current standard of blockchain gaming and brings together players of all backgrounds. StarHeroes strives to give its community excitement and endless replayability through fast-action spaceship combat, engaging in-game scenarios and many other opportunities for players to progress their skills and compete against each other. In order to bring this experience to all gamers, StarHeroes will be free-to-play with the option to monetize playtime through purchasable digital collectibles.

More and more web3 games are moving to Immutable X due to its greater stability, higher transactions per second, carbon neutrality and zero-gas fees. In light of recent high-profile hacks on other blockchains, these titles also gain the benefit of the higher security on Ethereum. In addition, the Immutable X platform offers its users seamless onboarding into web3 gaming, with true ownership of their digital goods.

“Aligned with Immutable’s vision of accelerating the adoption of web3 games, we are excited and ready to take advantage of the innovative gaming and NFT solutions that it delivers,” said Maverick Milkowski, CEO of StarHeroes. “Thanks to this powerhouse partnership, we look forward to getting more players familiar with StarHeroes and unlocking new possibilities they haven’t experienced elsewhere!”

StarHeroes also announced it is the first blockchain game to receive a grant from Microsoft. This grant gives the StarHeroes team the ability to work alongside developers from reputable studios such as Ubisoft and Microsoft Studios, furthering its mission of creating a game that excites players of all backgrounds and brings them together.

To truly deliver on this innovative gaming experience, the StarHeroes team brings together quality experience from both blockchain and gaming. Its team features game developers who were previously involved in The Witcher Series and Cyberpunk 2077, as well as expert blockchain developers, who previously worked on protocols such as LayerZero, StarTerra and the Terra Station Wallet.

“We are excited to partner with StarHeroes to deliver our unsurpassed Layer2 technology and deliver its players an incredible web3 gaming experience,” said Robbie Ferguson, Co-Founder of Immutable. “Being acknowledged by a company of Microsoft’s status is quite a recognition and we’re excited to help StarHeroes realize its potential as one of the next big sensations in web3 gaming.”

Immutable is the fastest Australian company to reach unicorn status — earlier this year, Immutable announced a $200 million series C fundraising round led by Temasek, and included Tencent and Animoca Brands. The company is valued at $2.5 billion and plans to use the funds to help drive its global expansion.

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About Immutable

Immutable is advancing the next generation of web3 games through Immutable X, an industry-leading NFT minting and trading platform and the world’s first Layer 2 rapid scaling solution on Ethereum.

Today Immutable X, leveraging ZK roll-up technology from Starkware, has grown to become the leading platform to mint, trade and scale web3 games and NFT projects on Ethereum, offering builders and innovators a carbon-free, no gas fee solution with unlimited speed, scalability, security, and liquidity. Immutable X is the platform of choice for world-class web3 games such as Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, Embersword, Planet Quest and many more.

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About StarHeroes

StarHeroes is a top-quality, skill-based space shooter bridging supreme gameplay and the benefits of blockchain mechanics.

Inspired by the dynamics of games such as Everspace, Fortnite, and Counter-Strike, StarHeroes is a blockchain version of dynamic multiplayer spaceship combat where players can compete alongside their teams and participate in tournaments to dominate the world of eSports.

StarHeroes lays the foundation for the next generation of Play and Earn gaming and sets a new benchmark for success by being the first blockchain game to receive a grant from Microsoft.

For more information, visit and follow @StarHeroes_game.

Press Releases
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