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Kryxivia and Immutable: Birthing the Next Generation of Player-Focused MMORPGs

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In many MMORPGs, real money trading (RMT) occurs outside of the game developers' control. Players often have to resort to unofficial markets to buy the items they desire, which gives dishonest individuals an opportunity to engage in fraud and scams.

In Web2, efforts to address these unofficial markets have historically been slow, with some developers introducing solutions which fail to economically empower players.

Enter Kryxivia, a free-to-play Ethereum-based MMORPG focused on empowering its players to play the way they want. Set in an immersive, boundless world, players fight dangerous creatures, traverse mystical dungeons, and amass a collection of rare and coveted NFTs, all while earning the valuable $KXS tokens that pave their path to success. 

But unlike its Web2 MMORPG counterparts, Kryxivia’s dynamic gameplay system, true ownership of digital assets, and thoughtfully implemented player-first in-game economy, firmly prioritizes the player above all.

But to truly thrive, digital ownership is the bare minimum. Players must be delighted with a frictionless, scalable Web3 experience from onboarding to minting, and trading. And that’s exactly where we come in. 

Using our powerful Layer 2 scaling technology, Kryxivia’s Web3 fantasy epic will be able to scale quickly and securely with fully carbon-neutral, gas-free transactions at throughput rates of up to 9,000 TPS. Thanks to the help of the Immutable global shared orderbook, Kryxivia’s digital assets will be spread far and wide to top NFT marketplaces throughout the Web3 ecosystem. 

“Our partnership with Immutable is a game-changer for our users,” said Kryxivia’s Chief Marketing Officer, Olga Kubalinska. “With instant transactions, lower fees, and true ownership of in-game assets through NFTs, Kryxivia offers an unparalleled gaming experience. Join us as we embark on this groundbreaking adventure, redefining the future of gaming together!”

To date, Kryxivia has raised $1.3 million and welcomed over 8000 players into their ever-evolving ecosystem. Since launching token staking, users have staked over 50 million tokens – a testament to the community’s belief and conviction in the game’s future. 

Building on this momentum, Kryxivia’s newest update will introduce a host of incredible features, including daily and weekly quests, a factions system, and a brand new dungeon, designed to provide even more immersive and engaging gameplay.

For more information on how Kryxivia and Immutable are creating the next evolution of MMORPGs in Web3, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.

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