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Kingdomverse and ImmutableX: Designing the First Mobile Gaming Metaverse

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There’s no question that the future of Web3 gaming is mobile. But to bring this revolution to the masses, the UX still has a long way to go. The best Web3 mobile games will strike a strong balance between user-friendly experiences, player connection, and addictive gameplay. 

And that’s exactly what Kingdomverse is looking to achieve.

Designed to bring Web3 gaming to the masses through casual mobile games, Kingdomverse is the first mobile gaming metaverse, consisting of multiple mobile games connected by a dynamic open-world 3D social hub. 

Its first title, Defend the Kingdom, is a casual PvP Tower Defense Game where players assemble teams of five Heroes to battle waves of enemies. Each Hero is minted as an NFT and can be traded, upgraded, and further combined to unlock more powerful versions. 

All future mobile games within the Kingdomverse ecosystem will enable players to interact, trade, and battle one another through interoperable tokens and NFTs.

With our powerful ZK-rollup technology, ImmutableX will provide the entire Kingdomverse ecosystem with the speed and infrastructure to scale. All Kingdomverse players will be empowered with true digital ownership of their assets as fully-carbon neutral NFTs, with minting and trading at speeds of over 9,000 transactions per second. ImmutableX will also spread Kingdomverse NFTs far and wide across all marketplaces integrated with the IMX orderbook.

“Kingdomverse and Immutable X have shared the same goals and synergy in onboarding traditional”/ web2.0 gamers into the web3.0 gaming space,” said Kingdomverse CEO Terence Chow. Partnering with Immutable X allows us to focus on what we do best - building games, while Immutable X will ensure our players onboard into the Web3 space without hassle.” 

While still early in development, Kingdomverse has assembled a loyal community of supporters across the globe, with over 124,000 members across Twitter and Discord.   

As for what’s to come, Kingdomverse has big plans. After launching the Defend the Kingdom Open Alpha 1 in December 2022, the Open Beta 1 launch is slated for March 2023. This includes the release of the $KING Token, guild system, DTK companion website, seven new heroes, and much more. Open Beta 2 is expected to follow shortly after in Q2/Q3 2023, with even more character NFTs, battlefield skins,  a friend and social system,  and further improved gameplay. 

For more information on how Kingdomverse and ImmutableX are building the first mobile gaming metaverse, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.

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