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Introducing IMX Rewards

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It’s not often that people purchase an item without expecting to own it. That sounds counterintuitive, right? Well, in the gaming industry, over $100 billion was spent on in-game assets last year but gamers don’t actually own those assets. Ideally, after buying a cosmetic item or resources in a game, you would have the ability to sell it, trade it, use it elsewhere, or even destroy it if you wanted to. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and the vast majority of in-game assets are rendered useless after an update releases or a new game is launched.

At Immutable, empowering our community through true ownership is a top priority. ImmutableX is recognized as the leading platform for launching web3 games and trading digital assets, and you deserve to share in that success.

That’s why we’re thrilled, in partnership with Digital Worlds NFTS Ltd, to announce IMX Rewards, Immutable’s new approach to using IMX tokens to fuel self-sustaining growth and mass-market adoption of web3 games. IMX Rewards provides developers and community members with millions of ways to earn billions of $IMX and brings us closer to our mission of bringing digital ownership to the world via NFTs. 

For context, the IMX token is issued by Digital Worlds NFTS Ltd (“the Foundation”) and the Foundation has partnered with Immutable in relation to the roll out of IMX Rewards. 

As defined in our whitepaper, the Foundation has allocated over 50% of the total IMX token supply to generate sustainable ecosystem and community growth. That’s over 1 billion IMX tokens that can be used to drive mainstream adoption of web3 games and improve the utility of the IMX token. 

You may already be familiar with some of our IMX Rewards programs (Trading Rewards, Staking Rewards, Developer Grants, etc.) that leverage IMX tokens to drive pro-network activity on ImmutableX. More rewards leads to an increase in the utility of IMX, which drives more trading on the protocol, more game developers to ImmutableX, and more opportunities for community ownership. 

Instead of providing product discounts, free trials, or other promotional offers you’ve come to expect from traditional brands, IMX Rewards uses IMX tokens to generate network effects and product engagement while offering true ownership to early adopters. There are many groups of people who contribute to Immutable’s success, and IMX Rewards will accelerate growth across each of those areas.

IMX Rewards Developers:

IMX Rewards Traders:

IMX Rewards Community:

IMX Rewards You!

New rewards programs will continue to be added within IMX Rewards over time! We will strive to continue offering you new and meaningful ways to earn $IMX while we collectively drive mainstream adoption of web3 games and digital ownership to gamers everywhere.

IMX Updates
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