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ImmutableX becomes a Unity Verified Solution and announces Unity SDK

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More than half of the video games built today are built with Unity. Their game engine is used by 1.5M builders every month to create games that run across 20+ different platforms. However, game developers using Unity haven’t had a simple and direct way of integrating with ImmutableX…until now.

ImmutableX is very excited to announce the Immutable Unity SDK and our recognition as an official Unity Verified Solution! Building a Unity SDK and becoming a Unity Verified Solution represents our commitment to becoming the undisputed leader in web3 gaming.

If we want to make ImmutableX solutions accessible within the most commonly used game development environments, Unity is the place to start. By making it as simple as possible for game studios to integrate web3 technology into their existing development process, it becomes even easier for great games to be built on ImmutableX. 

WAGYU games used Unity and ImmutableX to create Undead Blocks, the world's first play-to-earn FPS zombie survival game. “Building Undead Blocks on Unity and ImmutableX allows us to provide players with a AAA experience as we scale to mass adoption via our PC, Mac, and mobile gaming platforms.” - Grant Haseley, Executive Director at WAGYU Games

Unity Verified Solution

We’re beyond excited to be one of the first web3 gaming platforms to earn the distinction of becoming a Unity Verified Solution. Unity's introduction of a Decentralization category is a meaningful step for the web3 gaming industry, and ImmutableX is a trusted partner with the right tools and expertise to help developers build games that players will love.

All Unity Verified Solutions have undergone a thorough review process to ensure that they meet Unity’s highest standards for quality and usability. Further, Unity considers ImmutableX domain experts in the web3 gaming space who are committed to providing high-quality solutions and support, meaning that years down the road when your own product is still being distributed, you will still be able to depend on Immutable as a partner and a platform. 

Check out the ImmutableX solutions page in the Unity Asset Store here!

Immutable Unity SDK

Now studios building with Unity will have a native SDK that integrates seamlessly with ImmutableX’s platform. Game developers can focus on building a great game with Unity, while the Immutable Unity SDK will soon provide endpoints for user workflows (mint, withdraw, order, trade, and more) to enhance the game through digital asset ownership. 

As many developers know, the programming language used by Unity is C#. This is why we’re building our Core SDK, which is already available in Typescript, Golang, Kotlin, and Swift, in C# to enable compatibility with the Unity platform. The Immutable Unity SDK package gives access to ImmutableX APIs from within Unity projects using the Immutable Core SDK C#. 

Start integrating with the ImmutableX Unity SDK. You can also dive into the developer documentation for the C# Core SDK

Release Timeline

In this initial launch, we’re specifically only exposing read-only endpoints in the Unity SDK. We're also adding native Unity integrations for these read-only endpoints. However, this is just the beginning. We have updates planned in the near future that will increase functionality to make it even easier for studios to incorporate web3 technology in their games. See our Unity SDK roadmap here and read more about it below.

Phase 1 (available now):

  • C# SDK read-only endpoints
  • Unity integration
  • Product package and demos

Phase 2 (available H1 2023):

  • C# SDK write-to endpoints for user workflows (mint, trade, withdraw, etc.)
  • Real-time Unity SDK support
  • UI optimization

Phase 3 (future):

  • Immutable Passport integration
  • Registration from mobile & desktop
  • Transaction signing from mobile & desktop

Eager to start building? We don’t blame you! Here are some resources to get you started:

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