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Immutable X Launches Wallet SDK and Mobile Support for Core SDK

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Creating a world-class developer experience is at the core of everything we do at Immutable. We’re constantly creating new products and features that make it easier for developers to build on our platform and provide a seamless UX for their audience. We’ve been recognized as one of the easiest platforms for developers to build and launch web3 games, but we want to keep making it easier!

That’s why we’re proud to announce two new updates regarding our SDK offerings:

  1. Mobile support for the Core SDK 
  2. The launch of the Wallet SDK

Mobile support for the Core SDK

The Immutable Core SDK provides convenient access to Immutable's APIs to help projects build games and marketplaces that delight users. It allows developers to focus on gameplay mechanics and user experience, while we take care of your infrastructure needs. 

To make it even easier for developers to access Immutable’s APIs and provide functions that help you trade NFTs, we launched the first version of the Typescript Core SDK a few months ago (here). We’ve seen significant improvements driven by moving to the Immutable X Core SDK from our original closed source javascript/typescript SDK, and today represents the next step in extending its functionality. 

The Immutable X Core SDK is coming to mobile - the Kotlin and Swift Core SDKs are now live! This means that our mobile game developers can call these core functions directly in-app, bringing engaging web3 gaming to mobile devices everywhere. These versions of the Core SDK will continue to update alongside the Typescript Core SDK, but we’re excited to get them into developers’ hands as soon as possible to drive experimentation and feedback.

Introducing the Wallet SDK

While the Core SDK provides access to Immutable's API, it does not connect your users’ L1 Ethereum wallets to their L2 Immutable wallets. Previously partners would be required to manually integrate each wallet in order to allow their users to connect to Immutable X. To streamline this process, we’ve developed the Wallet SDK to ensure partners can easily connect all of the best wallets in the industry. 

The Wallet SDK supports many different L1 wallets including MetaMask, and Rainbow, with even more wallet support coming your way! This means that instead of spending your resources maintaining and integrating every popular wallet that launches in the market, we do that for you through the Wallet SDK so you can spend your time focusing on quality gameplay instead.

We created two separate SDKs for Core and Wallets in order to minimise the dependencies between the two, and make it easier to continuously improve both. 

The Wallet SDK will be available in Web and Android, and we will enable iOS support next.

Combining the Core and Wallet SDK

When the Core SDK and Wallet SDK are leveraged in conjunction, the improvements in the user experience really come to life. With the upgraded Core SDK and Wallet SDK, developers can create their own UI to enable a deeply embedded gameplay experience. Regardless of the different wallets being used by your users, their in-game wallet interactions will feel native to the game itself. It's worth noting that UI native to the wallet (e.g. MetaMask's pop-up) will still exist.  

We are creating the smoothest wallet experience for web3 developers and our efforts will not stop here. We will continue to expand the reach of the Wallet SDK to ensure that the most popular wallets can be accessed by your users, as well as exploring native Unity and Unreal SDKs to make it even easier to connect Immutable X with your games.

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