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ImmutableX and MoonPay Bring NFT Checkout to ImmutableX Partners

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In our mission to onboard the next billion users to web3, removing pain points and designing frictionless processes will continue to be imperative as we develop products. One process that is core to web3 is purchasing an NFT. Mainstream users currently face significant friction when trying to buy NFTs, as the process is unfamiliar and confusing. Ensuring users have the correct currency, in the right wallet, on a specific platform has historically been a barrier to entry…until now.

ImmutableX, in partnership with MoonPay, is thrilled to announce NFT Checkout! The Moonpay primary NFT sale checkout feature enables users to mint and own an asset using a credit or debit card.

In the past, the cumbersome process of adding cryptocurrency to a wallet has made it more challenging for partners (marketplaces, games, etc.) to sell their collections. Additionally, it has led to negative community sentiment and created a knowledge gap across mainstream audiences. 

Moving forward, ImmutableX will now empower our partners to offer an NFT purchasing experience that mirrors the innovation we’ve seen across the ecommerce industry. By supporting user-friendly debit and credit card purchases, we expect our partners to experience more trading volume, faster purchases, and more mainstream adoption due to the familiarity with completing a transaction. Specifically, this launch will enable games to establish and maintain effective economies, while also allowing marketplaces to improve their user experience. 

How does it work?

NFT Primary Sale Checkout Documentation: 

How to use via Link SDK:

How to use via Core SDK: 

When a user initiates a mint of an NFT using their debit or credit card, Moonpay holds the funds on the card and the NFT is minted on the user’s wallet address. Once successfully minted, funds are transferred to the corresponding partner wallet. In this purchase flow, MoonPay does not hold custody of your assets at any point in time. 

Buyer Experience

  1. User is logged into a wallet and sees an NFT they want to purchase
  2. The value of the NFT is denominated in crypto and fiat currency
  3. User clicks buy, is able to select ‘pay with card’, and enters their credit card details
  4. NFT is available in their connected wallet

Please note: this is a feature intended for managed partners and requires this service to be enabled for your account. As such, you will need to be registered to be able to use this method. Please refer to the document here to set up and register with IMX. For more information reach out to your Partner Success Manager, or the #dev-discussion channel in discord.

Managed partners can reach out directly to their partner success managers who will help set up a commercial partnership with Moonpay to enable the primary NFT sales checkout feature.

We’re always open to feedback! If you have any recommendations or suggestions, let us know here.

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