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The two biggest challenges facing web3 game studios today are security and player onboarding. This is largely due to a unique requirement for web3 games: the need for a crypto wallet. Even though the concepts of in-game currency and player profiles are commonplace in the gaming industry, the complexity of a crypto wallet often leads to confusion and skepticism. Further, the vast majority of wallet solutions available today aren’t designed for gamers and actually detract from an immersive gaming experience. 

That’s why Immutable is developing Immutable Passport, the instant wallet onboarding solution for web3 games. 

Immutable Passport is a non-custodial wallet and authentication solution that streamlines user onboarding through passwordless sign-on and automated wallet creation. Through Passport, game studios can drive adoption across mainstream audiences, maintain enterprise-grade security, and achieve global scalability. On the other side, gamers get access to a secure digital wallet, protection against fraud, and seamless authentication across web3 games and marketplaces as they discover and explore new digital worlds.

Why Passport?

Mainstream gamers don’t understand how web3 wallets work. Even web3 native players face friction by maintaining multiple wallets, some of which are created without them even knowing. 

As a result, it’s hard for users to be transaction ready when they need it. In order to have funds loaded on a wallet ready to use, you have to go through centralized exchanges or on-ramps which take time, charge high fees, and aren’t designed to facilitate in-game transactions. These processes lack effective status messaging, confuse the users, and leave them concerned over the security and location of their funds. Further, when gamers end up with multiple wallets across different games, their funds and in-game items become fragmented, making it difficult to trade or exchange them across different marketplaces. 

Finally, existing web3 wallet solutions aren’t designed for gamers. The majority are targeted towards DeFi or general use, and as such fail at providing optimal experiences for games such as social components, achievements, or game-specific NFT discovery. They require consent for every interaction which impacts a game's immersiveness, resulting in web3 games having to move all blockchain-enabled features outside of the core gameplay.

The goal of Passport is to empower game studios to make managing web3 funds and assets so simple that anyone can do it. No more 17-step onboarding flows, 12-word passphrases, managing 6 different passwords, or losing control of your assets - just one secure wallet that seamlessly unlocks new experiences across web3 games. 

What is Passport?

Immutable Passport is a simple and secure onboarding solution designed for game studios that enables delightful experiences for gamers. Passport also integrates vertically across Immutable’s entire tech stack, offering game developers access to marketplaces, gamers, and an infrastructure that enables true scalability. Gamers will create a Passport once, then Passport will give them access to all games and marketplaces powered by Immutable. 

Passport provides a non-custodial wallet solution and never takes custody of private keys. It also offers invisible signing to enable a better player experience, but transaction signing can only be initiated by the end user from their device. Game studios can be confident that their community is protected at all times.

Immutable Passport will include the following features:

  • Seamless player onboarding - gamers can login to web3 games with just email and OTP (no password or 12 word passphrase), maximizing user conversion and studio revenue.
  • Secure wallet - players have the option to use the default Immutable wallet or import other wallets. The Immutable non-custodial wallet enables users to consistently maintain control over their keys and assets. 
  • Access gamers & marketplaces - With a single Passport login across games and marketplaces powered by Immutable, you get immediate access to a passionate gamer community and marketplace network so you can easily scale your player base and revenue
  • Frictionless purchases - the wealth of payment options available through Passport will maximize revenue for games and feel native to the gaming experience.
  • Plug and play scalability - instant access to a powerful web3 ecosystem of tools, APIs, and infrastructure solutions that enable global scalability.
  • Passport Guardian - smart heuristics & ML will trigger 2FA approvals for transactions which look unusual based on prior player behavior, protecting the gamer and studio from bad actors. (featured added post-launch)
  • SDKs for fast integration - SDKs for Unity and Unreal make it quick and easy for your team to integrate Passport directly into your game experience. (featured added post-launch)

Passport Release - Estimated Timeline

Immutable Passport is planned for release in April 2023 and new features will continue to be added in the following months. However, developers will be able to begin the Passport integration in the coming weeks. 

Immutable’s first-party games, Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians, have already begun implementing Passport as their wallet and authentication solution. We’ll be sharing more information, along with developer documentation, with everyone who signs up here.

February 2023 - Studios begin integration

  • Games can start integrating with Passport
  • Authentication (via email, Google, & Apple) is available

April 2023 - Passport Launches with the following features

  • Gamer onboarding and confirmations
  • Social logins
  • Non-custodial wallet
  • Fund and asset management

June 2023 and beyond - Potential new features

  • Smart pre-approvals 
  • More security features
  • Account management
  • Gamer analytics
  • Gamer identity
  • Social connectivity

Check out our Passport product page here and sign up here to get the latest updates on Passport development and kick off the integration process. We look forward to partnering with game studios to make web3 gaming accessible for everyone.

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