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Immutable Partner Showcase - Medieval Empires

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Medieval Empires is a mid-core multiplayer online strategy game where players are thrust into the role of a medieval war hero as he fights his way into legend. Along the journey, players can make their mark on the game’s medieval world by building out their starting village into a prosperous empire. Featuring internationally acclaimed actor, Engin Altan Düzyatan as Kayi Tribe leader Ertuğrul Gazi, the game aims to provide a state-of-the-art Web 3.0 experience to the fans of the character/actor, gamers as well as blockchain and crypto enthusiasts. Read more about the Medieval Empires and Immutable

Video Transcript 

How to play the open beta version of Medieval Empires.

The first step that you can do is download it either for Windows or for Mac. Simply click on download for Windows or Mac. It's downloading. And in the meantime, you can create your account. So you go to create an account and then we have the immutable passport wallet.

So you can either choose if you sign up with your Apple ID or with your Google account. We will do that with Google over here. So simply social login. Choose an account that you want to use your password with and, then, the seed phrase will automatically be put into your Google account.

So connect to medieval empires, just say yes. And you're good to go and you have your account ready over here. You can also link additional wallets over here. Some wallets that you use before, for example, or other wallets. So you can connect any wallet that you want to the game later on as well.

Once you have your account and you downloaded the game you just do “next”, finish basically on the account setup, and then you will have the application on your desktop. So simply go to your desktop. I already have that over here. Double-click on the application and then you will log in with the passport wallet or with the passport account information over here.

So you can simply click continue with passport and choose the wallet or the passport wallet that you connected to or that you just created.  So hit yes over here. That has been a success. And then you can close the window. You can go back to the application. It should have been loading already. If not, just hit the lock-in button again, and then you are in the game.

You have to accept the terms and conditions over here. So simply accept, and then Ertugrul will guide you through the gameplay. So he will. First say hey, welcome warriors. I'm the leader of the Kahi tribe I will support you on your journey to become the greatest leader of your lands And then the goal is to simply follow the tutorial over here.

You can Start building a town and in the beginning, it's crucial to use the free speedups. Everything under a minute is free  Also, you have a couple of free speedups given to you in the beginning already So this is what you should use in the beginning to progress faster because you will earn those speed-ups along the way anyway.

Then you start with creating a new hero. Again, free speed up over here used it. And then you start We start with the barracks because you need warriors that you fight with again, free speed up over here. And then you start producing swordsmen first again, free speed up. And then once you have your hero and you have your army, you can go ahead and start fighting other people, and that's the goal of it. So on your land, you fight against the invaders. If they don't, we will also have PVP. But for now, you can fight with them against the invaders. Later on, you can also choose land and fight together with your friends against invaders or the invader fortress. So we watch the battle you get a report over here, victory, that's really cool.

So yeah, what's next?

You go back to your land and then you start progressing further. 

You build a hospital because once your units have been in the battle they need to be healed. 

Again use the free speed up and you see that there's already the one unit that we had in a fight in the hospital. 

Next up you go and further build your town. Again, we use the free speed-up over here, and then you can also upgrade your town hall level. 

You can go through the process, upgrade all the buildings collect your resources over here. You also see that we have daily tasks that you need to do. You can collect them and then you get wheat, wood, and oak over here.

Then simply go in here, collect all the resources, do all the daily tasks, and then collect the rewards that you get for that. You also see that we have a research academy. That's a skill tree to move certain things up faster. Again, we used to free speed up over here and I will show you how this one works.

We can start with agriculture, for example, and that gives you a boost for the generation of food, for example, and then you can just go through the skill tree over here. If you go to the military skill tree in the end, you will unlock new units over here. You can also speed that up. If you want you have a couple of free speed-ups and you earn them along the way.

And then you can also build an archery over here and you can also move all the stuff around as you see fit. Later on, you can also still change that. Just place it somewhere and do a little Tetris over here to have the space that you have filled best out.  

And by the way, you can also get more or broader space. Simply purchase an expansion over here. Again, we can also speed it up. We have a couple of speed-ups that you had given free in the beginning. The next one is also still free, but at a certain point, they will charge you silver for it.

Check the silver that you have and see how much space expansion you can afford, and that's how you build everything.  Then you also have decorative items. If you want to have a cork oak over here, that just looks nice. Go ahead and build it over. You can only upgrade one building at a time unless you go for VIP status.

So if you go in here and stake for VIP at level eight you get that you can upgrade two buildings over here. Here's also all the information about your account your VIP rank, and the prestige level that you have. So the more you fight, the higher your prestige level will be. You can, if you're a landlord, you can manage your land over here.

Simply go over here. I don't have land on this account, so that's not working. You can visit the marketplace where you can get a piece of land. And you can also if you want to upgrade further, go to the marketplace and check the offers that we have.  If you're level 7 and above, you can take part in the weekly events that we have, for example, who killed the most invaders or the person that progressed the furthest can get some rewards.

We have in-game resources and $MEE tokens as a giveaway. If you want to see which rank you have, Just go to the leaderboard and check for the top heroes in the game, the top lands, top clans. You can also filter by level, progress army size, and how many kills you had.  And yeah, then the goal is to create more units over here.

For example, in The Archery, we want to get a new swordsman to increase our army. We want to have more heroes. We want to upgrade the heroes. Once they're fought, they can. Get experience and then you can upgrade them to a higher level. Of course, we also want to increase the town hall level. And you often see that there are requirements that you need to fulfill before.

If you hit on go, you see what it is. So let's speed that one up to make a new upgrade on the town hall. That requires, for example, town hall level or farm level two. So go ahead and upgrade. Again, use the free speed-ups that you have in the beginning. The lumber mill needs to be upgraded. So let's go over here and upgrade the lumber mill. 

Then we can upgrade the research academy. So upgrade the research academy. Now we use one speed up over here. So not everything is for free. Upgrade the military HQ. In the military HQ, you can assemble an army that you can pre-choose for for setup of your army that you always want to fight with. 

So, let's increase that. And the higher it is, the more army units you can take with you to the fight. So, oh, we got a new hero over here. Fatma. So, welcome to the team, Fatma. You see also it has special abilities. It's good against infantry over here. And for the fighting, it's a rock paper scissors thing, so infantry beats horsemen, horsemen beat archer, and archer beats infantry.

So, if you assemble your army, always have a lookout on this one. Let's directly create a new one over here. And Oh, we have a new unit over here, so we can already upgrade another one. And let's do one over here so we can go ahead and fight. You also see that I have someone in the hospital. I will speed that up so I can use them for the fight.

And you see, I, along the way can collect some of the. Missions that I, that I did already. I think let's speed those up because then we can go ahead and fight a little bit on the map as well. So we go over here go back to the province map,  and then we just attack some invaders over here.

You can choose what kind of hero you want to have over here. So we will attack an infantry unit over here. So let's choose So we choose the archer that we have so you can beat that and you can also attack several based on your level of the military HQ. Right now I can only do one.

Later on, if I get an upgrade, I can go to higher levels. We also have the encounters over here where you can farm resources. For example, overnight, you can just send an army over here and then it's locked in here for a certain amount of time. And then you get resources afterward. Oh, I increased the level over here so I can collect more resources.

Just finished some of the quests over here for defeating invaders. And then you can send them to the next one and then you can go around circles and fight all those invaders. And once you have that, what you can also do is you can go to the world map, and on the world map, let me put that in full screen as well.

So you see the full capability over here on the world map. You can also see what kind of offers for other people from other people you have to join the land. For example, I see over here, there is a couple of Tier 3, Tier 2, and Tier 1 lands. And then you will need to check for what kind of tax I need to pay on that kind of land.

So I see, for example, this, I need to pay 5 percent in taxes on wheat, wood, and ore, or 10 percent on silver. So I choose one that has maybe a lower amount, but you can also check on the prestige of the land that you are on. Because the higher the prestige, the more benefits you have. You can also click on the eye and visit the land that you want to settle on.

Just check it out first, and see if it's active on how many players are on there. How does it look? So feel free to do that.  You can also check the whole world map over here and filter. Based on town hall level, for example, and then you can check which yeah, which are the best ones that you can choose or only where you can settle, for example, so you have a filter over here as well, and then, yeah, just check we will settle on this land let's go to Saigo Kage, that looks nice.

And I pay 19 percent taxes on my silver over here. So let's settle there and check out our new land slot that we just got. Okay. I'm settling here and I'm entering my town on a new land that I just visited.  Let's do some more upgrades on the building over here. The town hall can be upgraded.

Collect some resources and let's see if we can build something else.  Decorative items, so let's finish the town hall and most likely after that we get some new things. Oh, we got a stable. So in the stable we can build some new units and let's build a We don't have a horseman yet, so let's build a horseman while we're here.

Don't forget to upgrade your units. You can upgrade that now to level 2 since our archery is on level 2. Let's build some more infantry units. And, hey, how about another hero? Oh, now it's costing 1000 silver. I only have 950. But don't worry, you get silver through daily quests and the event leaderboard later on.

So we'll just wait over here, but I see this one already has 100 percent XP because we fought with him. So let's train him. to bring him up to level 2. And that's how you play the game. If you have any questions don't forget to join our socials Twitter Telegram Discord, and we are happy to answer all your questions.

And with that being said, I wish you fun playing and see you on the battlefield.

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