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Immutable Games Spotlight: Cross The Ages Goes Mainstream

The Cross the Ages characters
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There are moments in time where you get glimpses of the future. Where history is being written right in front of you and you can feel that you are living through events that will be remembered forever.

For web3 gaming that moment has arrived, captured in this single image:

A screenshot showing Cross the Ages reached the #1 strategy game spot in the French App Store

Cross the Ages, the mobile trading card game built on Immutable, has reached the #1 strategy game spot in the French App Store, and has been hovering in the top 5 for over 4 weeks straight. Not only that, Cross the Ages beat out massive mainstream titles like Clash Royale, Pokémon Go, Marvel Snap, and Hearthstone to claim that leading position.

And get this: the game has only been live since March 29th. It's already been downloaded over 100,000 times, and is reaching 5,000 daily downloads.

Web3 gaming is having its mainstream moment.

Control the Board, Win the Game

Cross The Ages is a fast-paced trading card game where players compete to capture more territory than their opponent on the game board. Players must strategically use battle cards and field cards to dominate their opponent and ultimately win the game. This core concept of territory conquest sets Cross the Ages apart from other TCG games, so both newcomers and pro-players start at a level playing field.

Play Cross the Ages Now

The game is designed in a “blitz” format. Each player only has 5 minutes to play their turn. The maximum duration for an entire game is therefore only 10 minutes, making Cross The Ages an addictive experience that leaves you wanting more. Players have to both play fast and play smart in order to win, with victory going to the first player with 65 points, or when a player’s countdown timer goes to zero. 

Players must master synergies between the Seven Elements to pursue powerful cards and build unique decks. More than 350 unique characters can be collected through chest rewards, daily quests, special events like e-sports competitions, or token holding. These cards can be upgraded and merged into more powerful new versions.

Deep Lore & Beautiful Artwork

The arena from the Cross The Ages Universe, Appologium, is where players are immersed in an intense one on one battle. Each year, the greatest gladiators from all corners meet in epic clashes to challenge history, drawing massive crowds to witness these warriors in pursuit of truth on the battlefield.

An image of a dazzling rocky terrain featuring a castle situated in its center

“We’re not just creating a game,” the Cross the Ages CEO Sami Chlagou explains, “but a real universe with layers of blockchain technology allowing us to have unlimited vision, while bridging the web2 and web3 gaming worlds.” 

The game draws its lore from 7 science fiction and fantasy novels written for the game by award-winning authors, with more than 80 artists who have designed the stunning illustrations and animations, including renowned artists Joshua Cairos (Game of Thrones), Josu Salano (Lord of the Rings), and Andreas Rochas (Harry Potter). 

What’s Next?

Get ready for a series of high-stakes Cross the Ages tournaments with jaw-dropping prize pools! The upcoming tournament boasts a whopping $1 million in prizes, with many more after that, and the final one offering an impressive $100,000 prize pool as well. Prepare to showcase your skills and compete against the best players in the world. 

Cross the Ages is also taking their passion for gaming worldwide. Prepare to join them in thrilling Roadshows across the globe, including Warsaw, Lisbon, Paris, Tokyo, Kyoto, and many more. 

Cross the Ages is Built on Immutable

Cross The Ages: TCG is a trading card game where players compete to capture more space on the board than their opponent on the game board. They strategically use battle cards and field cards to dominate their opponent and ultimately win the game. A dedicated team of over 180 professionals is leading the project, including an established team of game developers, well known visual artists, authors, and blockchain experts. 

"The easy to use SDK, not having to fuss with smart contracts, and the very reactive team supporting our journey makes building on Immutable a fantastic experience!” - Sami Chlagou, Cross the Ages CEO

Explore Cross the Ages and the 150+ other top games building on Immutable on our Play page.

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