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Immutable Game Spotlight: Hunters On-Chain Blockchain Battle Royale

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You are a Hunter, one of the elite tasked with tracking and capturing mythical creatures in a world of danger and adventure. 

Each playable Hunter in Hunters On-Chain is a non-fungible token (NFT) you can acquire through initial minting, the marketplace, or summoning. 

With 40 classes, each with unique attributes and visual appearances, you'll need to collect the right Hunters and choose your battles wisely to succeed in this thrilling world.

In this blockchain-based battle royale, you'll compete against other players and the environment in different game modes to prove yourself the best Hunter!

Enter the hunting grounds

Hunters On-Chain screen grab

Unlike traditional games, where your progress and assets are locked within the confines of the game, Hunters On-Chain leverages the power of blockchain, NFTs, and tokens to give you true ownership over your Hunters, equipment, and other valuable items. 

This means that the time and effort you invest in the game have real value, and you can trade or sell your assets to other players securely and transparently using Immutable Passport.

You can earn assets by participating in a variety of game modes:

For PvE enthusiasts:

  • Hunt Mode offers fast-paced, 3-minute co-op battles where you'll navigate through diverse biomes, each with increasing difficulty.

  • Co-Op Mode allows you to team up with another Hunter to protect the King. During the battle, you'll level up, heal, or upgrade your reward multiplier.

  • Boss Hunt presents a unique challenge, where you'll face increasingly difficult enemies and prepare for the ultimate boss fight.

For PvP enthusiasts:

  • Duel Mode allows you to test your skills against other players in ranked matches, competing for the prize pool. Participate in a best-of-three match and climb the ranks to earn greater rewards.

  • Bounty Hunter Mode offers massive 10-player battle royale matches where you'll fight for rewards and special tickets. Heal your Hunter with hearts and temporarily buff your stats with tomes spawned across the map.

Play Hunters On-Chain Now

Power up your Hunter

Powerup screen

In Hunters On-Chain, you can upgrade your hunter and summon new hunters to increase their attributes and performance. 

The summoning process requires you to lock two Hunters for a specific time, which depends on their rarity and level. The rarity of the summoned Hunter is determined by the average rarity of the equipment NFTs used, with a 50/50 chance between the average rarity and one grade below.

To enhance your Hunter's capabilities and in-game performance, you can upgrade their level with a maximum cap of 10 levels. Each level-up increases your Hunter's attributes, including HP, Damage, Daily Energy, and the $BGEM earnings coefficient.

To upgrade your Hunter, you must:

  • Collect specific Hunter Shards corresponding to your Hunter's type and rarity
  • Spend a designated amount of the $BOOM token

Hunter Shards are distinctive NFTs obtained through Hunt Boxes or direct purchases from other players. The rarity of the Hunter Shard must match the Hunter you intend to upgrade. 

With Immutable's integrated marketplace, you can buy, sell, and trade your Hunters and equipment confidently, knowing that every transaction is secure and transparent on the blockchain.

The talent behind-the-scenes

Hunters On-Chain team

The core team behind Hunters On-Chain consists of industry veterans and true gamers at heart who are dedicated to building a thriving community. The team comprises experts with a proven track record of taking titles to market and achieving significant success.

Collectively, they are responsible for publishing over 200 games, generating more than 1.5 billion downloads to date. 

By leveraging the power of blockchain technology and partnering with Immutable, the team is redefining what's possible in the gaming industry.

Hunters On-Chain: taking blockchain gaming mainstream

Immutable is helping BoomLand deliver a seamless blockchain experience without the hassle of fluctuating fees or congestion.

Gear up, choose your Hunter, and embark on an unforgettable journey where your actions and decisions have real impact and value.

The hunt is on.

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