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Immutable Checkout: Unlock Frictionless Transactions for Gamers

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We are thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of Checkout on the Immutable zkEVM Testnet, featuring a suite of powerful capabilities designed to accelerate your game development process and provide seamless transaction experiences for your gamer community.

Let’s face it - buying, selling, and trading in-game digital assets is broken. From poor design and complicated wallet setup to limited payment options and gas fee complexities, it’s no wonder mainstream gamers struggle to understand the world of web3. There is a massive opportunity to streamline transactions and increase conversion rates by removing fragmentation, implementing familiar payment methods, and educating the user along their journey. Well, that’s where Immutable Checkout comes in.

Immutable Checkout provides a comprehensive solution to maximise the transaction conversion rate for games and marketplaces by guiding the user through an optimised path of either fiat onramp, swapping, or bridging funds. It intelligently evaluates token and asset balances across different chains in their wallet, ensuring quick and seamless transaction completion.

At Immutable, we understand that developers have unique requirements when it comes to building their applications. That's why we've designed Checkout to be a flexible solution that puts developers in control. With our comprehensive SDK, developers have the freedom to craft their own custom user experiences, ensuring their application stands out from the crowd. Whether it's integrating with existing UI frameworks or implementing innovative design elements, the SDK empowers developers to create a truly tailored experience.

Additionally, for those looking to fast-track their implementation, we provide a set of pre-built web components. These components offer a convenient and time-saving option, enabling developers to leverage tested and user-approved UI elements for wallet connection, balance management, bridging, and swaps.

1. Unleashing the Power of Embeddable Web Components

With Immutable Checkout, we're introducing a range of embeddable web components that will redefine the way gamers connect with wallets, manage balances, perform bridging operations, and execute swaps. These components have been meticulously designed and extensively tested to offer a user-friendly and conversion-focused experience. If game developers can’t provide native and accessible journeys for their players, no one wins.

The benefits of using embeddable web components are twofold. First, they dramatically reduce development time for games building on Immutable zkEVM. With a few lines of code, you can quickly and easily integrate wallet connection, balance management, bridging, and swaps into your application, freeing up valuable resources to focus on other aspects of your project.

Second, our embeddable web components have undergone rigorous user testing, ensuring they deliver exceptional conversion rates. By leveraging our battle-tested UI, you can rest assured that your users will have a smooth and intuitive experience, leading to higher engagement, increased adoption, and ultimately, greater success for your game or marketplace.

Animated GIF showing Immutable Checkout experience on a mobile device
Web Component: Connect & Bridge

2. Customisation Options with Programmatic SDK

While our embeddable web components offer immense value and convenience, we understand that some partners may prefer a more customised approach. That's why we're giving you the freedom to choose. With the SDK, you can bypass the embeddable web components and tailor the user experience according to your unique requirements.

The headless SDK empowers you to build your own front-end components, leverage your existing UI framework, and create a truly bespoke experience for your users. This flexibility ensures that you have complete control over the look, feel, and functionality of your application while still benefiting from the underlying power and security of Immutable Checkout.

A screenshot of coding showing the SDKs for custom UI
SDKs for custom UI

Looking Ahead: Compatibility with Smart Checkout on Mainnet

We're not stopping at the Testnet launch! As we prepare for the highly anticipated launch of Checkout on the Immutable zkEVM Mainnet, we're excited to unveil another groundbreaking feature that our partners can look forward to: Smart Checkout.

Smart Checkout works intelligently to analyze the user's current wallet balance and transaction requirements. If the user's balance is insufficient to cover the gas fees or purchase amount, Smart Checkout will automatically route them to an onramp, swap, or bridge to acquire the necessary funds. This eliminates the frustration of manual fund management and creates a hassle-free experience for your users.

An animated recording of a person going through Immutable Checkout with insufficient funds
Smart Checkout: Insufficient Funds

By using Checkout on the Testnet, you can fine-tune the integration, experiment with your economy design, and set yourself up for a smooth transition to the Immutable zkEVM Mainnet.

Get Ready to Checkout the Future of Immutable zkEVM

The launch of Checkout on the Immutable zkEVM Testnet is just around the corner, and we couldn't be more thrilled to share this groundbreaking development with you. Whether you choose to leverage our embeddable web components for rapid development and high conversion rates or opt for a customized experience using the SDK, Checkout empowers you to unlock the true potential of your decentralized applications.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the launch date. Together, let's redefine the blockchain development landscape and create a world of frictionless, user-centric experiences with Checkout on Immutable zkEVM.

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