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Immutable and Cursed Stone: The Future of the MMORPG Genre

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We are thrilled to announce that Cursed Stone is the latest addition to the Immutable zkEVM ecosystem! Inspired by the iconic game Ragnarök Online and infused with elements of Zelda, Cursed Stone offers a nostalgic yet modern gaming experience like no other.

Built within the ETH network, the game offers numerous real-life benefits and perks. What makes Cursed Stone truly unique is its integration of Unity Engine and blockchain technology, introducing "NFT Characters" that players can instantiate within the game. By playing, you have the opportunity to not only revel in the amazing gameplay but also earn valuable tokens.

Players can explore and engage in the following modes:

PvE Mode:

Engage in epic battles to collect valuable "Items" that allow you to craft, refine weapons, repair gear, and even acquire coveted resources through daily Quests. Your journey will be rich in rewards!

PvP Mode:

Test your skills against fellow players in fierce PvP combat. The game features a ranking system with fantastic rewards for the top 500 players each season. Rise to the challenge and claim your rightful place!


Join the ultimate war between factions to conquer imposing castles. Participate in sieges to obtain glorious rewards and make your mark in the game's lore. Prepare for thrilling clashes!

Cursed Stone is designed to be playable on various devices, allowing everyone to embark on an incredible gaming adventure. Moreover, an in-game scholarship program enables players to rent other players' characters and share profits during gameplay. 

Partnering with Immutable has been a game-changer for the Cursed Stone team:

“This partnership with Immutable will add greatly to our project, not just on the tech side, which they have the best in the market, but also to show a broader audience what we are building, bringing inclusion to minorities around the world!” - Joul the Wiz, Cursed Stone co-founder

Players can look forward to an exciting roadmap up ahead in 2024, including the release of the game beta, PvP mode, mobile app, and marketplace.

Immutable is ecstatic to welcome Cursed Stone into our ecosystem and join the pantheon of games building on Immutable zkEVM. Ready to be a part of this saga? Explore a new era of play on Immutable, and follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.

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