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Immutable and Aviatrix: Blast Off into a Next-Gen Space Adventure

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Get ready to blast off into a thrilling 2D Sci-fi adventure with Aviatrix! Fly through space as a hero, taking on a never-ending onslaught of enemies and epic bosses. Your mission: become the ultimate legend and savior of the Aviatrix!

Purchase and upgrade spaceships and heroes, defeat enemies and epic bosses, complete maps, earn Falcon points, collect points to rank high in the leaderboard and participate in tournaments to win huge rewards!

In the distant reaches of the galaxy, there exists a planet system known as Aviatrix, where the planets of Ondora, Avalore, Zenithar and Celestis have long thrived in peaceful coexistence. Yet, this tranquility was shattered when another power-seeking civilization known as the Darkonians descended upon Aviatrix and stole a vital Avia crystal that maintains the system’s life cycle of nature and supports the internal gravity of planets that prevents them from colliding. Rumor is that Darkonians are using Avia to build their new empire to rule the galaxy for years to come. 

During that time many academies were established to raise a new generation of heroes. Those who become the heroes of Aviatrix are set on the journey to find the missing Avia crystal. However, time is running out and the catastrophe of planet shift is coming closer which will destroy the whole Aviatrix ecosystem along with its civilization, buildings and nature. 

Now, Aviatrix needs help more than anything. We invite you to join the hunt for the Avia crystal and become the savior of Aviatrixkind. 

Key gameplay features:

Tournaments - Exclusive weekly/monthly events that allow players to participate and compete with others as well as win exciting rewards such as Reward Points and physical items. 

Falcon Points - Game points that provide players with utilities such as buying and upgrading in-game assets, trading digital items and enrolling in exclusive competitions.

Reward Points - Action-proved points allow players to redeem gift cards and other rewards.

Aviatrix Starter Pack - NFT collection enables holders to earn Falcon & Reward Points by sending them to a personal profile and enrolment in tournaments. 

The Space Falcon team launched in early 2022, with the mission to scale web3 gaming to the world, raising over $4M from top tier blockchain VCs including OKX Ventures, Maven Capital to name a few. From the very first days of building Space Falcon, the vision has always been directed towards bringing the unique experience of playing games, elevating digital ownership, scaling decentralization and integrating sustainable economic models to onboard the next generation of players and change the perspective of gaming forever.

With Immutable zkEVM, powered by Polygon, Space Falcon joins an ecosystem of games that are built with low cost, high-speeds, with Ethereum grade security, ensuring that players have the smoothest gaming experience possible.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Immutable, a leading blockchain that scales Web3 gaming elevating most promising gaming companies and bringing players together to have the next generation virtual experience.” - Amit Kolambikar, CEO at Space Falcon

Excited to blast off into the world of Aviatrix? For more information including details about their upcoming roadmap, head over to their website here.

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