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Immortal Game and Immutable X: Bringing Chess to Web3

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Chess is one of the oldest games in history. And while it’s never been more popular, there’s no question it’s due for an upgrade. 

Immortal Game is building chess on the blockchain, enhancing the classic game

by introducing an entertaining crypto layer that enables players to own stylish NFTs tied to pieces called Immortals. Each Immortal is linked to optional quests favoring particular styles of play. When completed, these quests will provide winners with a boost in the leaderboards and an increase in potential earnings. Not only does this enhance the user experience, but it also provides an additional layer of strategy to the already mind-bending game. 

Unlike many play-to-earn blockchain games, Immortal is a play-and-earn game — a critical distinction. Anyone can play Immortal Game for free with starter pieces (referred to as Ageless Pieces) and rank on an Ageless-specific leaderboard to earn $CMT, Immortal’s utility token, as weekly rewards But only those who Immortals can buy and sell pieces via auction in the Immortal Marketplace while earning ETH, NFTs and more from the Immortal-specific leaderboard reward pool.  

A tall task? Indeed.

But Immortal Game is up for the challenge. Immortal has partnered with a slew of strategic VCs to bring its full vision to life, raising a $15 million Series A in June 2022. Since securing funding, the team has been off to the races, launching a closed beta in June and signing over 50+ global chess ambassadors. 

But still, one last hurdle remained: Ensuring Immortal Game had the speed, security, and technical infrastructure to scale. 

Enter Immutable X. 

With the help of Immutable X’s powerful Layer 2 scaling technology, Immortal provides players with full ownership of all in-game assets as fully carbon-neutral, gas-free NFTs. Furthermore, with access to the Immutable X global order book, all in-game assets will be broadly distributed across major marketplaces, providing unparalleled reach and liquidity to Immortal’s NFT ecosystem. 

“With their increased responsiveness and user experience, gasless protocols, and state-of-the-art security, we could not think of a better partner than Immutable X to uplift IGE into becoming the ultimate Web3 Chess Platform,” said Immortal Games CEO Thomas Zaepffel.

For more information on how Immortal Game and Immutable X are building the best digital chess experience in Web3, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.


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