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Illuvium Trading Rewards Spotlight

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The Partner Spotlight is a special edition of Trading Rewards where we reward our community for showing some love to our partners. Our partners, everything from games to marketplaces, are a critical part of the Immutable ecosystem and we are invested in their success.

With that in mind, we’re thrilled to announce our next Partner Spotlight featuring a world-class game built on Immutable - Illuvium! Join a graphically-rich sci-fi adventure, explore 7 dazzling alien landscapes and conquer the wilderness to uncover the cataclysmic events that shattered Illuvium and help your crash-landed crew flourish.

To celebrate the launch of Illuvium: Beyond, Immutable will be rewarding our community with $IMX tokens! Illuvium is redefining what’s possible in web3 gaming and there’s never been a better time for our community to get involved. 

The Illuvium Spotlight features a flat daily reward pool and only trades of Illuvitars collections (Illuvium Land, Illuvitars, Illuvitar Accessories, and D1SKS) will count towards your Trading Rewards eligibility during the Spotlight. While Trading Rewards eligibility will not be limited to a specific marketplace, trades of any other collection will not be eligible for Trading Rewards.

The Illuvium Spotlight will run from midnight UTC on March 9th - Here’s how it works:

  1. Make sure you have a registered wallet on Immutable
  2. Each day you trade (buy or sell NFTs) $10 USD or more of eligible Illuvitars collections on the Immutable protocol will result in $IMX tokens delivered to your wallet
  3. At the end of each day, you’ll be rewarded $IMX tokens based upon the proportion of your eligible trading volume to the total eligible trading volume across Illuvitars collections. Eligible Trading Volume = Buy amount + Sell amount + Fees. For example: In a given day, if there is $1.8M in eligible trading volume across Illuvitars collections and your eligible trade volume is $18,000 (1% of eligible volume), you would receive 1% of the $IMX tokens rewarded on that day
  4. Track eligible collections on the Trading Rewards Dashboard
  5. The daily amount of $IMX tokens available for distribution as rewards will be 50,000 (50,000 per day $IMX during the Illuvium Spotlight):
  6. Track transaction volume and rewards on the Trading Rewards Dashboard.
  7. Token rewards will be distributed daily

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