Guild of Guardians Partner Profile

Guild of Guardians Partner Profile

Guild of Guardians is a mobile RPG that allows gamers to earn substantial profits through their passion for gaming. This online fantasy action role-playing game, lets players build their own dream team of Guardians to compete in guilds for tradeable rewards. Players may play for free to craft valuable in-game assets includingas NFTs and tokens. Guild of Guardians will be released on iOS and Android in 2023.

Players are unable to play Guild of Guardians at this time because the game’s creators are in the early stages of development, where players may begin gathering heroes, and they are presently working hard to complete the game’s development.

By guaranteeing that talent and strategy are fundamental components of the game, developers assure that Guild of Guardians will not be pay-to-win. Furthermore, Guild of Guardians is not a PVP game, so spending money on it will not be at the cost of other players.

“Blockchain games will eventually just be called “games”. They will be truly meaningful experiences that are played by billions of players, who will know their items are secure without experiencing any user experience friction. Immutable X is uniquely positioned to be able to provide both scalability and user experience to developers who are looking to build the future of gaming.”

Developers are using blockchain technology to provide consumers with real control over their in-game assets. The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and in-game assets will be ERC-721 tokens. Developers are also employing Immutable X, a safe, decentralised, and scalable Ethereum scaling solution for instant gasless trading.

Immutable will publish Guild of Guardians, which will be developed by Stepico. Immutable is one of the world’s largest VC-backed blockchain gaming start-ups, with Naspers and Galaxy Digital as investors. Stepico is a mobile game production studio with a staff of more than 50 developers and artists that have worked on AAA-quality strategy and RPG games with more than 5 million installations.


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