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Gods Unchained Announces Promotion for GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro Members

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(SYDNEY – 14 Sept. 2022) – Today, Gods Unchained, the leading web3 competitive trading card game, announced an exclusive program for GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards Pro® members – an opportunity to welcome GameStop’s most competitive and engaged players into the expanding universe of Gods Unchained. A free-to-play strategy card game with more than half a million community members, Gods Unchained gives players true ownership of their in-game items.

GameStop PowerUp Pros will receive a unique code that can be redeemed for Gods Unchained expansion packs. Each pack will consist of a set of collectible NFT trading cards that Pros can use to build strategic decks as they hone their skills in competitive multiplayer battles. Combining the immutability of real, tangible cards with the convenience of digital collectables, Pros will have the freedom to trade, sell, and use their cards in any way they choose, and new cards are unlocked by simply playing the game.

Led by former Game Director of Magic The Gathering: Arena Chris Clay, Gods Unchained is designed with a focus on fair competitive play, where players must strategically outsmart their opponents by building decks that are able to combat a wide variety of tactics.

“Competition and strategic gameplay sit at the center of Gods Unchained. Not only will players tap into their skills to build their ultimate deck, the ability for true ownership of cards gives you the choice to acquire exactly what you need for your dream deck off the marketplace. That’s one of the many reasons why Gods Unchained appeals to highly skilled players looking for a new level of control, challenge, and entertainment,” says Chris Clay, executive creator and director of Gods Unchained.

“With more exciting announcements on the way soon, this is the perfect time for GameStop PowerUp Pros to dive into the world of Gods Unchained,” Clay adds.

Redemption codes will hit GameStop PowerUp Pro Members’ inboxes on 27th September 2022. Only GameStop PowerUp Pros who are existing members as of 27th September 2022 will be eligible to participate in the promotion. Pros who receive the codes will have one month to redeem their unique code and unlock their Gods Unchained Expansion Packs.

For more information on the GameStop PowerUp Pro program, visit:

For more information on Gods Unchained, visit:



Alyssa King, Immutable Games Studio

About Gods Unchained:

Gods Unchained is the leading web3 trading card game that empowers players with true ownership of their in-game items. Combining the immutability of real, tangible cards with the convenience of digital collectables, players can earn, trade, sell, and collect NFT cards to build strategic decks and compete in skill-based multiplayer battles. Led by Chris Clay, former Game Director of Magic The Gathering Arena, Gods Unchained is enjoyed daily by a loyal community of trading card OGs and web3 enthusiasts alike.

About Immutable Games Studio:

Immutable Games Studio is the global leader in web3 game development and publishing. Having pioneered the world’s first blockbuster NFT trading-card game, Gods Unchained and currently building multiplayer mobile RPG Guild of Guardians.

Immutable Games Studio is part of The Immutable Group, advancing the next generation of web3 gaming, and is on a mission to make asset ownership and commerce in digital worlds real - through the power of immutable NFTs.

Press Releases

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