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Gods Unchained Announces Light’s Verdict: Showdown and Battle for the Light Global Esports Tournaments Presented by

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Almost $70,000 USD of Total Prizes to be Awarded to Event Winners 

A poster for the "Battle for the Light" event of God's Unchained. The poster features a man in a war suit, holding a sword, with a sparkling body.

SYDNEY (Sept. 28, 2022) - Today, Gods Unchained, the leading web3 competitive card playing game, announced Gods Unchained Light’s Verdict: Showdown - an esports influencer event that will bring together top players who will battle it out for bragging rights and the championship crown, as well as Battle for the Light - the highly anticipated, first series of global esports tournaments for Gods Unchained players.  

Both events, presented by web3 gaming marketplace,, will be the first time Gods Unchained players will have an opportunity to compete against each other while using the newly released Gods Unchained Light’s Verdict expansion pack, available for a limited time only. 

Eight top contenders will compete in the Gods Unchained Light’s Verdict: Showdown, a single-elimination challenge, set to take place on September 30 at 5pm PDT. The following week, Gods Unchained Battle for the Light esports tournaments will begin, where players will be able to compete in one of two tournaments, based on their location of residence. Both events will be streamed on the Gods Unchained Twitch channel. 

“With Gods Unchained Light’s Verdict: Showdown and Battle for the Light we are embarking on that first step towards our long standing promise to the GU community. This is the first time that we are able to bring global, esports-style tournaments to players, and we couldn’t be more excited,” says James Fletcher, esports manager of Gods Unchained. “There has been so much anticipation around these first tournaments and we could not have done this without the partnership, deep relationships and experience brought to us by the team at”

“We’re thrilled to be producing this community-focused event with the God’s Unchained team. Not only are many of us fans and players of the game ourselves, but it’s also showing the momentum and interest for great games in the space to scale into competitive play,” says Alay Joglekar, Head of Marketing at AQUA. “As one of the leading marketplace’s in Web3, AQUA takes pride in going deeper for gamers, whether that’s reflected on asset-specific data within our marketplace, or community events like this that deliver real value back to the creators.”

Both Gods Unchained Light’s Verdict: Showdown and Battle for the Light tournaments will be an opportunity for players to try their hand at using the Light’s Verdict expansion pack, released on 26 Sept and available for just two weeks. Light’s Verdict tells the story of Thaeriel, the God of Light, falling to the mortal realm of ‘Eucos’ after his plans are thwarted by his Champion of Light, Lysander. To ensure the balance remains between the domains of god, Lysander is chosen by the cosmos to ascend to becoming the new God of Light. 

Gods Unchained Light's Verdict: Showdown Presented by

  • Main Event - Sept. 30 at 5pm (Timezone: UTC-7)
  • Event will be live streamed at: 
  • Prizes include: 10,000 USDC, 7,700 $GODS and $2,400 USD in card packs

Gods Unchained Battle for the Light Presented by

For more information on Gods Unchained, visit: or our blog at:

To learn more about Light’s Verdict expansion pack, visit:

Connect with Gods Unchained on Twitter, Discord, and Facebook.



Alyssa King, Immutable Games Studio

Alay Joglekar,  

About Gods Unchained:

Gods Unchained is the leading web3 trading card game that empowers players with true ownership of their in-game items. Combining the immutability of real, tangible cards with the convenience of digital collectables, players can earn, trade, sell, and collect NFT cards to build strategic decks and compete in skill-based multiplayer battles. Led by Chris Clay, former Game Director of Magic The Gathering Arena, Gods Unchained is enjoyed daily by a loyal community of trading card OGs and web3 enthusiasts alike.

About Immutable Games Studio:

Immutable Games Studio is the global leader in web3 game development and publishing. Having pioneered the world’s first blockbuster NFT trading-card game, Gods Unchained and currently building multiplayer mobile RPG Guild of Guardians. 

Immutable Games Studio is part of The Immutable Group, advancing the next generation of web3 gaming, and is on a mission to make asset ownership and commerce in digital worlds real - through the power of immutable NFTs.


AQUA is a player focused community marketplace built for web3 gamers. AQUA empowers players to explore the evolving world of web3 gaming, providing deep insights and data points on in-game assets, giving them the content and tools they need to buy, sell, and trade gaming NFTs from their favorite titles. Comprised of gaming industry veterans, and powered by web3 gurus from investment platform DIGITAL, AQUA aims to build a better experience for players in the metaverse.

Press Releases
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