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Gensokishi Online and Immutable: A Metaverse Game 15 Years in the Making

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Gensokishi Online, fondly known as GENSO, is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) and a digital reincarnation of Taiwan's 2012 Game of the Year, "Elemental Knights Online." 

Now, GENSO is preparing to take a major leap forward by partnering with Immutable.

GENSO is not your average game; it is an epic adventure waiting to be explored. Players are immersed in a rich fantasy world where they can fight monsters, interact with immersive NPCs, embark on quests, and even party up with other players to collect loot. The gameplay is challenging yet rewarding, requiring a combination of strategy, skill, and teamwork.

GENSO boasts a huge variety of gameplay features that keep players engaged, from real-time RPG combat and a vast MMORPG world to explore, to a variety of classes and character customization options - there's something for everyone. Plus, new content updates regularly introduce exciting challenges, special events, and powerful bosses to defeat.

The team behind GENSO envisions a future where players can design, create, and sell original skins and equipment, design NPCs and monsters, and even purchase in-game land to build on. This user-generated content approach fosters creativity and gives players a sense of ownership within the game.

The GENSO team brings together seasoned advisors from various blockchain and gaming backgrounds, including Maxi Kuan, Ricky Chen, Kevin Hoo, Tokuhiko Uwabo, Kunchou Tsai, and Masaki Kato. Their combined expertise is driving GENSO's growth and innovation in the blockchain gaming space.

Immutable zkEVM, powered by Polygon, is the gold standard solution when it comes to web3-enabled games and is a perfect match for GENSO's innovative features. This partnership aims to enhance the player experience and push the boundaries of what's possible in the blockchain space. 

As Maxi Kuan, GENSO CEO, puts it "We believe a partnership between GENSO and Immutable would be synergistic, combining our innovative solutions and your proven blockchain technology to enhance the user experience and expand the boundaries of what's possible in the blockchain space."

“We can create a dynamic ecosystem where assets and data are easily transferable across chains, ensuring users enjoy a seamless, low-cost, and eco-friendly experience. We are eager to explore the immense opportunities and are confident that by joining forces, GENSO and Immutable can revolutionise the blockchain landscape.”

GENSO has already achieved significant milestones, including the launch of the alpha game, UGC & LAND tool, and collaborations with Yoshitaka Amano and other notable brands. GENSO and Immutable are poised to revolutionize the blockchain landscape, and we can't wait to see what they achieve next.

Read more about GENSO's e roadmap and whitepaper, here.

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