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Games Spotlight: Immortal Bringing Music to Web3 Chess with Groovy Polo&Pan Collection

Poster for the collaboration between Immortal Game and Polo&Pan features distinctive chess pieces in the background
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Chess. Blockchain. Music. Three words you perhaps never expected to see in the same sentence.

But the team behind Immortal Game is bringing this together in their latest release for the popular web3 chess game.

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Immortal Games proudly presents a unique collection of 500 digital chess pieces that have emerged from the world of electronic music duo Polo&Pan. 

Discover and participate in the new Polo&Pan collection here. The whitelist is now open and the sale starts May19th.

Did You Say Web3 Chess?

That’s right, we did. Chess is a game that needs no introduction. With an origin that traces back some 1500 years, it has adopted various iterations as it spread across the globe, before settling on the variation we all know and love today.

Immortal Game is bringing chess into the 21st century by building chess on the blockchain, enhancing the classic game by introducing an entertaining layer that enables players to own stylish NFTs tied to pieces called Immortals, and earn their utility token $CMT while playing. 

Play web3 chess with unique pieces as NFTs

Each Immortal is linked to optional quests favoring particular styles of play. When completed, these quests will provide winners with a boost in the leaderboards and an increase in potential earnings. Not only does this enhance the user experience, but it also provides an additional layer of strategy to the timeless game.


Play Immortal Game now

Players can test and improve their skills by participating in weekly tournaments, with some featuring legendary grandmasters supporting Immortal Game as ambassadors such as Maxime Vachier-Lagrave (World Blitz Champion 2021, and former World #2 Male Player) and Antoaneta (former World #2 Female Player), and many more to come.

Polo&Pan x Immortal Game

The new collection is inspired by the playful and multicolored world of Paul and Alexandre, aka Polo&Pan. It includes all the traditional chess pieces – pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, queens and kings – harmoniously blended into the vibrant world of the music duo. 

“As longtime fans of chess and gaming, we're excited to bring our music and aesthetic to this new digital medium,” the music duo eagerly share, “and we can't wait for our community to see the unique digital assets that we created through this collaboration.”

A chess board with a set of distinct chess pieces on it and a small TV in the background
The new Polo&Pan collection features unique chess pieces and community perks

Collectors, music lovers and gamers will be able to add those pieces to their Immortal Game chessboard, unlocking new quests, access to private tournaments, visual animations, customized boards and audio soundtracks from the artists.

In addition to in-game utilities, holders of the Polo&Pan x Immortal collection will also get access to perks that include concert and festival tickets, curated playlists on Spotify, the opportunity to play online against Polo&Pan themselves, and voting rights for future collections.

Web3 Chess as a Cultural Platform

The Immortal Game team’s mission goes beyond just revamping chess for the next generation of players. “We are building a future where chess is not only a game but also a cultural platform,” says Alain-Charles Lauriano, Head of Partnerships at Immortal Game, “drawing inspiration from music, arts, sports, and where our community can play and engage in innovative ways.”

“We’re excited to have such passionate and creative artists like Paul and Alexandre to help us execute this vision,” Lauriano expressed.

Music duo Polo&Pan are longtime chess and gaming fans

What’s Next?

Visit the Immortal Game Play page to start playing the next generation of chess, powered by community and culture.

Discover and participate in the new the Polo&Pan x Immortal Game collection

Check. Your move. ♛

Immortal Game is built on Immutable

Founded in 2021, Immortal Game is a French startup composed of 35 passionate talents working across tech, product, design, marketing and social media to build the future of Chess. Immortal Game is backed by world-class consumer and tech investors (including TCG, Greenfield, Cassius, Kevin Durant and Gerard Piqué), and supported by 50+ global chess brand ambassadors.

“With their increased responsiveness and user experience, gasless protocols, and state-of-the-art security, we could not think of a better partner than Immutable to uplift IGE into becoming the ultimate Web3 Chess Platform,” - Immortal Games CEO Thomas Zaepffel.

Explore Immortal Game and the 150+ other top games building on Immutable on our Play page.

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