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EON Rift and Immutable: Trailblazing the New Era of Gaming IP

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Behind every budding Web3 game is a deep team with experience stretching far beyond Web2 gaming, into comics, IP, blockchain, and more. And while many Web2 creatives have made the transitions to Web3 companies, few projects have the firepower and credibility as the team behind EON RIFT.

EON RIFT is a tokenized comic, video games, and collectibles IP project created by Leri Greer, a veteran art director and senior creative behind some of Hollywood's biggest movies like Avatar 1-5, Mad Max Fury Road, and Elysium. 

In collaboration with veteran comics author Van Jensen (Superman, The Flash, James Bond) and famed cover artists Jonboy Meyers, Joe Karg, and Chris Bivins, EON RIFT is creating a rich, new universe of stories, games, digital and physical collectibles.

But unlike other IP-first media empires where much of the creative decision-making is held by a few key stakeholders, EON RIFT is heavily relying on its community to guide the future project. 

While a full game is developed, EON RIft plans to test and release multiple smaller mini-games to get feedback from their community and continue to engage their early supporters. To bridge the physical and digital worlds, EON is also planning to release limited-edition physical collectibles, linked to the blockchain. 

But to bring this grand vision to life, EON Rift needs the infrastructure, speed, and security to scale. 

“We selected Immutable as our partner because they put the gamer first - as gamers ourselves, and as a company making games, it's incredibly important to have a partner that understands that the technology can’t get in the way of the games,” said EON RIFT founder Leri Greer.

While still early in development, EON Rift has already amassed a loyal community of gamers, collectors, and early supporters, growing their Twitter and Discord presence. And with a packed roadmap featuring airdrops, PFP and other collectible releases, this growth is only expected to continue. 

For more information on how EON RIFT and Immutable are building gaming projects on the blockchain, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.

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