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EF Defense on Immutable zkEVM: Strategic Web3 Tower Battles

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Tower Defense strategy games have quickly become one of the most popular categories in gaming, amassing more than 170 million players worldwide. 

With the Asia Pacific region representing one of the largest global playerbases, Weracle is looking to establish its latest title, EF Defense, as one of the big breakout web3 hits in the Tower Defense genre. 

Dive deep into the majestic continent of Akaros, a land of riches now under the shadow of the encroaching Darkness. Your quest? To assemble and train a formidable army of Heroes from diverse tribes and equip them with unique abilities to fend off malevolent spectres, pesky goblins, and various threats.

With over 70 Heroes spanning six tribes—Human, Elf, Orc, Undead, Angel, and Demon—you're presented with an expansive array of strategic opportunities. Further amplifying the depth are more than 200 pieces of equipment for you to optimize your Heroes with, ensuring they stand tall against the onslaught.

But EF Defense is more than just defending; it's also about asserting dominance. Engage in exciting combat modes like Frontier, where you'll seize enemy bases, or the Arena, where armies clash for supremacy. Test your strategies in the Tower of Trials, challenging powerful guardians floor by floor for legendary rewards.

Built on the powerful Immutable zkEVM blockchain, this game promises to elevate the traditional Tower Defense experience with web3 game mechanics. Having first been built on the Polygon network, the shift to Immutable zkEVM was a natural progression.

Immutable zkEVM is an EVM-compatible zk-rollup-based blockchain developed specifically to power the next generation of web3 games. It enables game developers to fully take advantage of custom smart contract development, advanced gameplay mechanics and tokenomics, while offering a cheaper, secure, and frictionless in-game asset trading experience.

In the words of Myungyong Shin, Weracle CEO:

“Immutable has been at the forefront of web3 gaming, amassing unparalleled experience. Teaming up with Immutable provides an avenue to glean expertise on promoting web3 games, engaging users, and continuously enhancing the platform. This collaboration is a golden ticket to widely showcase our 'EF Defense' game.”

EF Defense is built by a team of seasoned veterans who are no strangers to building hit games. Their previous titles include Endless Frontier and Metal Slug, netting over 35 million combined downloads and generating a staggering $80M in revenue.

With their newest title, Weracle is building towards a vision where games offer players both fun and tangible rewards that they own. This vision, combined with a solid investment foundation of 10 million SGD, ensures Weracle is geared for success.

EF Defense is set for launch in Q3 of 2023 on Immutable zkEVM!

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