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Early access: Immutable X on the GameStop wallet

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We’re excited to announce that we’ve enabled early access for GameStop wallet users on Immutable X L2!

What has happened?

We’ve integrated the GameStop wallet to the Immutable X Link infrastructure, making the wallet natively compatible across the entire protocol.

What does that mean?

Any Immutable X marketplace or partner that supports Link will natively offer the GameStop wallet as an option to connect and trade. Most marketplaces and partners support Link, but you can confirm by checking if the GameStop wallet appears in the wallet selection menu when connecting. Thanks to Immutable X’s global orderbook, if the marketplace you want to use does not yet support the GameStop wallet, you can view and trade exactly the same assets on any other marketplace until it does

Why is it early access?

GameStop is hard at work integrating Immutable X directly into their wallet extension. For now, while users have full functionality on the Immutable X, there is a slightly different user flow for Immutable X actions. The fully integrated wallet will be released very soon, but in the meantime, we’re able to offer GameStop users access to the full Immutable X ecosystem!

Until the full integration launches, the GameStop wallet interacts with Immutable X by using Link. This means two things:

  1. Actions like depositing or withdrawing, or viewing your balance and assets, have to be kicked off from the marketplace rather than directly in the wallet UI
  2. To complete actions, an Immutable X branded Link popup will occasionally appear requiring confirmation or signatures. Some examples are below

This flow is identical to other wallets on Immutable X, such as MetaMask. When the full integration with the GameStop wallet launches very soon, this will be integrated fully within the wallet extension, which we’re very excited about!

In case you encounter any issues, please check if you have the latest wallet extension in case chrome doesn’t auto-update them.

If you have any further questions about what the flows should look like, or how to execute an action, check out our support documents here

Power to the Players!

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