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Play & Earn NFT trading card game, Deviants’ Factions, is now on Immutable X

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Immutable X is thrilled to partner with Deviants' Factions, the Play & Earn NFT trading card game. Deviants' Factions, built on Immutable X, proposes an immersive narrative experience for players, presenting a setup that provides fictional explanations to real-world events. Players must destroy their opponents' headquarters in the blockchain game to succeed, using a customized 8-card NFT deck. These in-game assets are minted on Immutable X with zero gas fees, enabling players to enjoy all of the benefits of web3 gaming.

Built initially on Terra, the creators of Deviants' Factions sought a long-term, sustainable solution for their highly-anticipated game. Despite talking with several major players, Deviants' Factions chose Immutable X's highly scalable, gas-free, and carbon-neutral platform to house their blockchain game. Players can easily mint, trade, and transfer NFTs with zero gas fees while maintaining the security of their in-game assets.

Immutable X's advanced technology unlocks massive scalability, speed, and easy-to-use integrations for Deviants' Faction. Moreover, Immutable X’s growing ecosystem of gamers, crypto enthusiasts, and blockchain games provided an ideal place further to grow Deviants' Faction's game and technology.

"A blockchain fully dedicated to gaming experiences was an idea that immediately resonated with us. Deviants' Factions has its mind set on being an awesome game with creative, meaningful mechanics and decision-making. We want to give that experience to our supporters in the crypto scene but also to mainstream players that will fuel the ecosystem in its entirety. Consequently, we share IMX's vision to massively onboard gamers to the web3 through intuitive and gas-free technology" - Matias Rencoret, Co-Founder - Deviants' Factions.

Deviants' Factions can be played competitively or casually, allowing all users to enjoy the Play & Earn experience. Their game seeks to minimize investor risk while providing the best experience for players. With over 15 years of game development experience, solid P&E strategy, stunning artwork, and compelling narrative, Deviant Factions aims to be the leading Play & Earn NFT game in the blockchain landscape. Their migration to Immutable X comes with highly anticipated presales of their new product lines. To keep a pulse on the latest, follow our growing Immutable community on Twitter and Discord.

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