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Delysium and ImmutableX: Pioneering The Free-to-Own Multiverse

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While we often talk about the fundamental problem of ownership in gaming, we rarely focus on the issues around distribution. 

Delysium is aiming to solve both, and a whole lot more. 

Now available for PC and cloud gaming as the world’s first playable AAA web3 game, Delysium is a real open-world, AI-powered, and completely player-owned MMO game with diverse free-to-own universes. Referred to collectively as the Delysium Multiverse, each free-to-own universe functions similarly to a private server and is operated by a Delysium Multiverse Operator that can customize tokenomics and on-chain assets, for free. Not only does this create highly diverse gaming experiences and unique on-chain incentive layers for all players, but it also unlocks new value chains and power structures within the publishing industry. 

At the forefront of Delysium are AI-powered MetaBeings, or non-playing characters, who can own private property, hold real conversations, and participate in games to earn income. Deeply enshrined in the belief that everything in a virtual world should be interactive, Delysium has created the world’s 1st playable whitepaper where players can read the full whitepaper while also interacting with AI MetaBeings from different universes. In only 36 hours, the whitepaper amassed over 100,000 views, shattering even the Delysium team’s expectations. But to bring the whitepaper’s full vision to life, Delysium needed a rock-solid partner to provide speed, security, scalability, and affordability to their expansive in-game ecosystem. 

As the Delysium free-to-own multiverse continues to scale, Immutable X’s powerful ZK-rollup technology will provide all players across the entire Delysium ecosystem with full ownership of all in-game digital assets as fully carbon-neutral, gas-free NFTs. Delysium will also benefit greatly from Immutable’s trusted partner ecosystem where it will continue to onboard more partners who are eligible to join the Delysium Multiverse. 

"As the world's first playable AAA open-world web3 game, Delysium is leading the way in creating a decentralized game publishing structure, a Free-to-Own-to-Operate Multiverse that will be empowered by global users,” says Delysium CEO Yuheng Chan.” In this great journey of innovation, we are excited to have such a strong partner in Immutable X. Their strong technical support and unique vision for the future will help us build a brand new Web3 ecological landscape together."

The first step in our partnership? A smashing success. 

Delysium’s partner Unix Gaming sold over 2,000 NFTs within 2 hours on the Immutable marketplace, setting the tone for many more drops to come.  

For more information on how Delysium and Immutable X are transforming the Web3 ecological landscape”, follow our growing communities on Twitter and Discord.

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